Infection with the Omicron strain, a mutant virus of the new coronavirus, was confirmed for the first time in Ishikawa Prefecture.

The infection was confirmed in women who had returned home from outside the prefecture, and it is unlikely that they were infected in the prefecture, but the prefecture is calling for thorough infection control measures.

Governor Tanimoto of Ishikawa Prefecture held a press conference on the afternoon of the 5th, revealing that one person was confirmed to be infected with the Omicron strain in the prefecture.

This is the first time that infection with Omicron strain has been confirmed in Ishikawa Prefecture.

The infection was confirmed by a female in her twenties who lived outside the prefecture. When she returned to the prefecture, she complained of poor physical condition, and when she was inspected, it was confirmed that she was infected with the new corona.

As a result of genome analysis of the virus, it was found that it was infected with the Omicron strain.

Women have a history of visiting areas where Omicron strains have already been confirmed, and Ishikawa Prefecture states that it is extremely unlikely that women have been infected in the prefecture.

The female is currently admitted to a medical institution in the prefecture, but her symptoms are mild, and when a PCR test was performed on 6 people who were close contacts, 1 positive was confirmed and genome analysis is being performed.

Governor Tanimoto said, "I want you to thoroughly implement basic infection control measures. Adult ceremonies will be held in many cities and towns in the prefecture from this weekend, but last year many infected people were confirmed after the seijin-shiki. I would like you to thoroughly implement a new lifestyle, such as washing your hands and avoiding infection control, at all eating and drinking opportunities, including eating and drinking after the seijin-shiki. "