According to the "Poetry Magazine" news agency, Zheng Min, a famous Chinese poet, poetry critic, scholar and professor at the School of Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures of Beijing Normal University, died in Beijing at 7:00 on January 3, 2022 at the age of 102.

  "Mr. Zheng is very old. January 1st was fine. Suddenly..." the famous poet Lin Mang told the Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News reporter. In the past two years, when Zheng Min was still able to speak, he often went to see him. She chats.

When I went back later, I found that Zheng Min was a little unconscious.

"She is very nice and warm to young people." Lin Mang said.

  Zheng Min, born on July 18, 1920, is a native of Minhou, Fujian.

He was admitted to the Philosophy Department of Southwest Associated University in 1939 and graduated in 1943.

He began to write poetry during the Southwest Associated University, and began to publish poetry works one after another in 1943, which was highly affirmed by poetry critics at that time.

In April 1949, Shanghai's Cultural Life Publishing House published her first collection of poems "The Collection of Poems (1942-1947)", which established her important position in the history of Chinese new poetry.

In 1948, she went to Brown University in the United States to study and received a master's degree in English Literature.

In 1955, he returned to work at the Institute of Literature of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (formerly known as the Chinese Academy of Sciences) and engaged in the study of English literature.

In 1960, he was transferred to the Department of Foreign Languages ​​of Beijing Normal University to teach.

  It is reported that Zheng Min devoted his life to the creation of new Chinese poetry, the study of Chinese and Western poetry, the study of contemporary Western philosophy, poetry translation, and education and teaching.

After the reform and opening up in 1979, Zheng Min’s poetry creation radiated new life brilliance, and successively published poetry collection "Looking for Collection" (1986, won the 3rd National Excellent New Poetry Award of the Chinese Writers Association), "Mind Image" (1991), In the morning I picked flowers in the rain" (1991), "Zheng Min Poetry Collection (1979-1999)" (2000) and other poems, translated and published "Selected Contemporary American Poems" (1987).

As an important poet of the "Nine Leaves School", Zheng Min's works have had a broad and far-reaching influence on the development of Chinese new poetry.

In 2006, Zheng Min was awarded the "Poet of the Year" by CCTV's New Year Poetry Fair. In 2017, he won the Poetry Creation Award of the 6th Zhongkun International Poetry Award.

  At the same time, Zheng Min has conducted extensive and in-depth explorations in Chinese and Western poetry reviews, poetic aesthetics, deconstructionist philosophy, Chinese, and culture. Her academic works in this area include "A Study of British and American Poetry and Drama" (1983) and " Structure-Deconstruction Perspective: Language·Culture·Review (1998), "Poetry and Philosophy are Close Neighbors-Structure-Deconstruction Poetic Theory" (1999), "Thinking·Culture·Poetics" (2004), etc.

In 2012, a six-volume "Collection of Zheng Min's Works" was published.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News reporter Zeng Qi

  ■Poems of Zheng Min

  To Poetry God

  Suddenly I heard the call

  No time to find pen and ink

  It's like a flood

  Just silently when I go

  Qingshan can't be saved

  Qiu Shui is only one's own

  I follow with my eyes

  Echoes beyond an instant

  Floating in space all the time

  The hard-to-catching trail of you and me

  Water stays only when it flows

  The cloud is only intentional when it changes

  I hear your breath

  The wind comes from the forest