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  From the rename, finalization, launch of "Dancing Millennium", to the guest lineup, and the afterthoughts, it has all been popular searches. The dance sections such as "Rebound Pipa" and "Fantasy Dancer" were praised by netizens, "Dancing for a thousand years of sleep." "Dunhuang", the total number of views of related topics currently exceeds 100 million.

What is the secret of "Dancing Millennium" to master the "traffic password"?

"Dancing Millennium" abandoned competitive PK, no promotion, no elimination, and no flow of artists. Instead, it broke through the long-term "competition + promotion" model, creatively creating a cultural drama dance variety show, making history "ancient" and contemporary "Ancient style" is "seamlessly" connected with Generation Z, allowing contemporary audiences to meet the most beautiful Chinese dances on a modern technology platform.

  The Yue girl (played by Chen Yining) is agile in her sword dance, and she leaps and retreats into the mountains and rivers; Yingniang (played by Zhao Min) rebounds her pipa, and dreams back to Dunhuang in the circle of colored silk... This is the "silk" in the new dance net complex "Dancing Millennium" The graceful dance sections of "Lu Hua Yu" and "Yue Nu Ling Feng" dance out a thousand-year-old rhyme and show the current "new look of the national tide".

  If it is said that Henan Satellite TV’s "Tang Palace Night Banquet", "Praying", and "Dragon Gate King Kong" and other works have triggered the cultural effect of "dance breaking the circle", this time station B and Henan Satellite TV jointly created a cultural drama dance program "Dancing Millennium" , It is an attempt to "melt the circle" between dance, film and variety shows, and between satellite TV and video websites.

  13 top troupes including the China Opera and Dance Theater and Beijing Dance Academy made their debut on the new-style network comprehensive show, staged 24 national style dances.

Legend has it that the sacred book "Twelve Winds and Dances" records the most beautiful dance in Chinese history. Qiao Zhenyu, Zhang Xiaolong, Hu Yang, Hua Xiaoyi, Xu Minghao, and five "recommended dancers" traveled through ancient and modern times to search for this classic. It also recorded the most beautiful Chinese dances, and led the audience on the space-time shuttle to travel through the past and present, and go on a variety show of "ancient style" dance.

From "breaking the circle" to "melting the circle", the new upgrade of "Dancing Millennium" is an important step forward for the domestic dance variety show.

  "Break" the overall pattern of dance and find the memory of Chinese dance

  "Dancing Millennium" has been popularly searched from its name change, finalization, launch, to the guest lineup and afterthoughts.

Netizens sighed, "I'm actually chasing dramas in dance?" "After watching "Dancing Millennium", I went to Chinese dance in one second, and I am proud of our traditional culture." What is the secret of "Dancing Millennium" to master the "flow code"?

This is closely related to the unique positioning of "Dancing Millennium" as a "new dance network variety" and the cultural variety show pattern of "from breaking to fusion".

  Under the background that both big platforms and small anchors have begun to "deep cultivation and meticulous work", only sincere content that has "nourishment" will it be supported by mainstream platforms and popular with the public.

In the past, dance variety shows also had exciting moments, but they were mainly fierce competitions between dancers and amazing technical moments.

Unlike the competitive dance reality show, "Dancing Millennium" took a different approach, abandoned the competitive PK closely tied to the audience's psychology, did not advance, let alone eliminated, and did not invite traffic artists. Instead, it focused on creatively doing the first domestic cultural drama dance. Variety shows break through the fixed pattern of "competition + promotion" that has been used in domestic dance variety shows for more than 20 years.

  If you just stay at the breakthrough in the format of the program, even if you can win the first traffic, it will be difficult to exchange for "returning viewers."

"A Thousand Years of Dance" is not only committed to creating a new form, but also surpassing the previous Henan Satellite TV's own "dancing beauty + technology dazzling + festival hot search" model of breaking the circle, from the "breaking circle" of dance itself to the dance and variety show. Cultural Fusion".

  This is first attributed to the "interfusion" between Henan Satellite TV and Station B.

Henan Satellite TV, which has a flow physique due to the country’s exit from the circle, and Station B, which is popular in circle culture, reached a tacit understanding and joined forces.

Jiang Xiaowei, one of the chief directors, also interacted with the audience in the comment area of ​​Station B, let us understand that the production of "A Thousand Years of Dance" is like "cooking Xiaoxian": Station B customized menu, focusing on script creation and performing arts coordination; Henan Satellite TV's collection Wait for the ingredients, invite outstanding dancers from the theater; the co-production team Magic Digital is like a chef, focusing on film and television directors and project execution, forming a "famous chef team" with the original work's choreographer, and jointly "cooking" a table across time and space Cultural delicacies.

  The "three circles" of dance, film and television and variety shows in "Dancing Millennium" are even more bright spots.

For example, in the first issue of "Xiang He Ge", the "dream reappearance" sleeves are like flying swallows in the Han Dynasty Pan drum, vividly depicting the busy city welcoming the Spring God, and expressing affectionately the thoughts of the girl Sijun.

The audience called this "an immersive dance experience that transcends time and space"; "Paper Umbrella Like a Sword" "Xia Bone Sword Shadow" and "Thinking Umbrella Drunken Sword" "Yue Nv Ling Feng" are actually a Jin Yong style swordsman The sentimental series, suddenly, "I'm in the dance complex knocking martial arts CP" and other bullet screens, really speeding past like a rain of bombs.

  "A Thousand Years of Dance" staged a dance forest competition for the contemporary construction of "Chinese classical dance": the sleeve dance of Beijing Dance Academy "Han and Tang", the tread is about to fly; the "charm" of sword dance is flying up and down; the song and dance of Gansu Province The silk dance "Dunhuang" in the theater, round and twisted, is amazing...the masters of all major factions play tricks, or explore the origin of dance history, or communicate with martial arts, or dance and perform music.

Mutual learning and harmony, not to dominate the dance forest, but to travel through the past and present, to retrieve the memory of traditional dance, and to share a cultural feast of dance culture of historical "ancient rhyme" and contemporary "ancient style".

  Take dance as the carrier, take history through the present.

In "Xiaoyao" by Beijing Dance Academy, the seven sages of the bamboo forest are in a detached state of cultivation; in "Flower Rain on the Silk Road" by the Gansu Song and Dance Theater, the magic pen Zhang appears next to "the caves and murals used for shooting are all props" when he paints. Note; as well as the popularization of science on ancient Han women when they were adults, Zhaojun was awarded the title of "Ning Hu'an" after he left the Great Wall, etc. It can be seen that Henan Satellite TV and Station B are committed to promoting China with ancient dances. culture.

  The program team also actively responded to netizens' questions through the Internet.

For example, for the green screen special effects in the first phase of "Confucius" of the Chinese Opera and Dance Theater, one of the chief directors Xu Peng told us that due to the sudden rainstorm in Henan and the hidden danger of landslides in the scenic spots, we had to temporarily change the plan.

Finally, I sincerely apologize to the audience and actors, which can be said to be heartwarming.

  "Dancing Millennium" conforms to the "new national tide" trend of "ancient" dance, tailor-made film and television theater, "melting" and witty dance commentary, intimate and clever subtitles science popularization, not only accurately fit the director team" The audience is positioned to embrace young people, and in the form of a new dance network of "from broken to fusion", the multi-cultural dance of "national trend and ancient style" is danced.

  "Lens Boyfriend" and "Dancing Girlfriend" go both ways

  Borrowing the barrage of netizens: We are not only in the "Dancing Syndicate Knocking Martial Arts CP", we actually "knocking" the CP of "Lens" and "Dance".

"A Thousand Years of Dance" is not only a dance variety show, but also a dance video in a broad sense.

How the "camera boyfriend" and the "dancing girlfriend" get along determines whether the relationship between the two parties is "broken" or "harmonious".

  When the program team filmed "Take Song", through the multi-camera environment lens, the blooming mountains and forests were greeted by the eyes. The young women walked in warm spring, danced together, listened to the wind and admired the flowers.

"It's so beautiful." Some netizens chanted a poem on the barrage, expressing their feelings, but there are also some unsatisfactory points.

  "Tagge" was originally an art classic created by Mr. Sun Ying, a master of classical dance from Han and Tang Dynasties, who refined the ancient "folklore" into contemporary "classic", and now "reproduces" the tage folklore through image technology.

However, under the frequent switching of the sub-cameras, the original rhythm of the action and the aesthetic connotation of the flowing and flowing water when tilting the crotch and shaking the sleeves are silently faded; while flying the sleeves, the artistic realm of the infinite universe with one body is still hard to be understood.

  Of course, the perception of the dance mirror varies from person to person. The opening dance of the second phase of Hua Xiaoyi's "Lingbo Weibu" flashes and moves, light and frustrated.

But the scenes of "pushing, pulling, shaking, and shifting" one after another, and also took "S"-shaped catwalks?

Some viewers called out dizzy, some joked that "I was silky slippery."

It can be seen that the use of lens language is not only directly related to the visual experience of the audience, but also affects the artistic expression of dance.

  In the face of the "feelings" between the camera and the dance, how do both parties "get along"?

How to make progress together, rather than entangle each other, is indeed a difficult problem facing the creative team.

  On the one hand, the “camera boyfriend” needs to fully respect the beauty and soul of the “dancing girlfriend”.

The choreography and performance of dance movements are like the makeup of a girlfriend; the emotion and thought expression of dance is just like the girlfriend's life sentiment and ideals.

The shots and special effects of the first phase of Beijing Dance Academy's "Xiang He Ge" made the fair and slender lady go down to earth like an immortal, and also flew everyone to the palace in the sky, carrying the eternal hope of the Han dynasty that fantasy fairyland and nostalgia for the world.

Moving the mirror should be as stable and orderly as in love; cutting the mirror is as if a confession is at the right time; special effects are just as agreeing with a marriage proposal.

  On the other hand, the "dancing girlfriend" also has to take into account the career ambitions of the "camera boyfriend". The choreographer can adapt appropriately according to the shooting creativity, just like the appointment needs to choose the outfit according to the occasion; the dancer can also enhance the awareness of the camera and adjust The handling of the strength and weakness of the action is like makeup that can add to the cake.

For example, when filming the Chinese Opera and Dance Theater "Orphan of Zhao", the shots and dances can be called "matching lovers". In the middle shot, Cheng Ying played by Hu Yang leaped in the bloody rain and fog. The eyes are touching.

In short, the love of mirror dance refuses to "fall in love and kill each other", but only wishes to "go in both directions".

  "A Thousand Years of Dance" is not only the complement of camera and dance, but also a dialogue between "classical" dance and the public.

When "Dancing Millennium" goes from dance "breaking circle" to cultural "fusion circle", we cannot let go of the artistic attitude of "striving for perfection", but also need to say "no" to "ivory tower complex" and "kitsch tendency" at the same time, so that the audience can enjoy The beauty and charm of Chinese dance art presented by modern technology.

  The thousand-year-old Chinese music and dance culture has been "documented" by sages and philosophers, and there are creative transformations of contemporary dancers.

Today, from the dance "breaking the circle" to the "national tide ancient style", the cultural "fusion circle" of dance, how to balance the "historical rhyme" and "contemporary ancient style" requires us to think together: exploring how to make Chinese dance popular among the masses in innovative development. Let us walk into the history of Chinese dance culture in immersive appreciation, truly activate the "body" and "mind" of Chinese classical dance, and create works full of historical and cultural tension for the public, and let us meet the most beautiful Chinese dance .

  Liu Weijia