Wakayama Prefecture announced on the 30th that it was confirmed that one new person was infected with the new coronavirus.

It is the first time in 29 days since the 1st of this month that the infection confirmation was announced in the prefecture.

So far, 5304 people have been confirmed to be infected in Wakayama prefecture.

On the other hand, a woman in her thirties who returned from the United Kingdom and was confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus at the quarantine station at Kansai Airport and was hospitalized at a medical institution in the prefecture was infected with "Omicron strain" on the 30th. Announced that it was confirmed to be there.

This is the first time that infection with Omicron strain has been confirmed in the prefecture.

Wakayama Prefecture says that this woman is not included in the number of infected people in the prefecture because the infection was confirmed by the inspection at the quarantine station at Kansai Airport.