So far on the 30th, 516 cases have been announced nationwide.

There was no announcement of death.

The number of people confirmed to be infected in Japan is 1,733,054, including airport quarantine, and the number of passengers and crew on cruise ships is 712, for a total of 1,733,766.

A total of 18,405 people have died, including 18,392 people who have been confirmed infected in Japan and 13 people on cruise ships.

各自治体などによりますと、国内で感染が確認された人は累計で次のとおりです。( )内は30日の新たな感染者数です。





























▽ Ishikawa prefecture has 8046 people (3)

▽ Miyazaki prefecture has 6139 people

▽ Nagasaki prefecture has 6124 people


prefecture has 5901 people

▽ Saga prefecture has 5875 people (2)

▽ Yamaguchi prefecture has 5833 people (9)

▽ Ehime prefecture has 5412 people People

▽ Wakayama prefecture 5304 people (1)

▽ Yamanashi prefecture 5163 people


prefecture 4869 people

▽ Kagawa prefecture 4705 people (1)

▽ Kochi prefecture 4167 people

▽ Yamagata prefecture 3607 people

▽ Iwate prefecture 3490 people ( 2)

▽ Tokushima prefecture has 3291 people

▽ Fukui prefecture has 3116 people

▽ Akita prefecture has 1934 people

▽ Shimane prefecture has 1753 people (6)

▽ Tottori prefecture has 1669 people.

In addition,

▽ confirmed infection at airports and other quarantines was 5474 (79)

▽ total of 173 people who returned from China by charter plane and national staff and quarantine officers were infected.

According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the number of people who have been confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus is 46 as of the 30th, who are receiving treatment in a respirator or intensive care unit.

On the other hand, as of the 30th,

1,711,828 people were confirmed to be infected in Japan, and

6,59 passengers and crew members of cruise ships,

totaling 1,712,487 people

who were discharged from the hospital after their symptoms improved.

It has become.

In addition, the number of PCR tests, excluding the self-tests conducted on the 28th, was 13,889 in preliminary figures.

▼ Hiroshima 29 days-1

▼ Kyoto 28 days-1

▼ Aichi 28 days-1

▼ Yamanashi 29 days-1

▼ Saitama 27 days-1

・ Aggregation may be revised by local governments at a later date. However, past manuscripts are not corrected retroactively, so there may be differences in the cumulative number.

・ Infected persons of the USFJ are not included.