At the end of the year, in Sapporo City, a private organization working to eliminate food loss distributes food such as vegetables and bread to people in need and single-parent households free of charge.

From the 29th of the year, food is distributed free of charge to people who have lost their jobs due to the influence of the new corona, single-parent households, and elderly people living alone at three locations in the city. ..

Of these, at the venue in Chuo-ku, Sapporo, visitors were given a bag of vegetables such as onions and radishes, which were provided by the supermarket and are scheduled to be discarded, as well as food such as bread. ..

In addition, there were instant noodles, toothbrushes, detergents, etc. donated by supporters who knew about the activity, and each visitor chose and brought it home.

An unemployed man in his 40s in Sapporo said, "I'm so happy that I'll be able to eat the food that was distributed this year, and I'm so happy that I'm crying. I was talking.

Hisaki Watanabe, President of the Hokkaido Institute for Social Issues, said, "I want to create a society where people who are living hard can feel at ease eating."

It will be distributed from 10 am at 3 venues in Sapporo city on the 30th, and will end as soon as food etc. run out.

You can check the detailed venue location etc. from the following URL.