[Concurrent] Ke Kangli, a Lao student from Dali University

  My name is Ke Kangli and I am from Vientiane, Laos. I am 21 years old. I have been in China for two years and studied Chinese for one year. I am studying clinical medicine here, and I am sophomore this year.

  [Explanation] Ke Kangli is an international student from Laos. He is currently studying clinical medicine at Dali University. He is determined to treat illnesses and save people. He also has a hobby that has nothing to do with medicine: photography.

He used his camera to leave pictures of the mountains and rivers in China he loves.

With the rapid development of the short video platform today, Ke Kangli has also created his own short video platform account and often shares his work.

  [Concurrent] Ke Kangli, a Lao student from Dali University

  I like China and Chinese culture.

Because I think China is beautiful and Dali is beautiful. I want to record it. After graduation, I will bring it back to my country to show it to my friends and my family. After returning to China, I want to take pictures of my motherland and send it to my Chinese friends.

  [Explanation] The beauty of Dali is also one of the reasons why Ke Kangli chose to study at Dali University. He is completely fascinated by the fact that Cangshan is not a painting of Qianqiu, and the scenery of Erhai Wuxian Wanguqin. He will use photos and videos taken in China to introduce him to his family and friends. Dali, introduce Yunnan.

  [Concurrent] Ke Kangli, a Lao student from Dali University

  When I often call my family, I will talk about my life and study in China, and I will also email the videos I usually shoot to them. They also think Dali is beautiful and they are looking forward to it. They often tell me, I hope that after the epidemic is over, I can come to the place where I study and live.

  [Explanation] On December 3, the China-Laos Railway, which connects Kunming, China and Vientiane, Laos, was put into operation, and Laos entered the era of railway transportation.

For Lao students like Ke Kangli, traveling between the two countries will become more convenient in the future.

  [Concurrent] Ke Kangli, a Lao student from Dali University

  A few days ago, the Lao Embassy invited me to participate in the opening of the China-Laos Railway. Before, I could only take a plane, but now I can also choose to take a train. We are all very happy. This railway connects my country with China. Everyone can do it in the future. With more convenient exchanges, the ties between China and Laos are getting closer and closer.

  [Explanation] In addition to taking photos and videos, Ke Kangli will often participate in cultural exchange activities and cherish every opportunity to learn Chinese culture.

2021 is the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Laos, and Ke Kangli is planning to produce a commemorative video for dissemination in Laos and China.

  [Concurrent] Ke Kangli, a Lao student from Dali University

  This year is 60 years since my country and China have established exchanges. I want to use my lens to make a short film of China and Laos that I used to shoot, to share with my family and friends, and Chinese classmates, the scenery of two different places. And culture.

  [Concurrent] Ke Kangli, a Lao student from Dali University

  Now I want to cherish my learning opportunities, and work hard to learn clinical medicine knowledge and skills, and use the knowledge I have learned here to make a little contribution to my hometown's medical and health care, and then continue to record many fragments of my study and life here, in the future There are so many things to remember.

  Du Xiaoxiao, Wang Ping, Yang Li, from Dali, Yunnan

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