Blind Bulgarian fortune-teller predicts many misfortunes in 2022

The blind Bulgarian clairvoyant Baba Vanga, who is world-renowned in the field of predictions, predicted events and calamities awaiting the world in 2022, stressing that the world will witness many events that will have an impact on the fate of mankind.

The fortune-teller said, "Scientists will discover a deadly virus in the glaciers in the western part of Russia, specifically in the Siberian region."

"The virus will be trapped and frozen, but due to global warming, it will spread in the earth, posing a serious threat to humanity," she added.

She said that the world will be exposed to natural disasters and severe weather, which will make human life impossible in some places due to hurricanes, fires, floods and earthquakes, noting that the United States of America will be exposed to a vortex of terrifying ice.

She added that the Scandinavian countries will be exposed to a very high temperature, and that the continent of Europe this year will be severely affected by floods, stressing that Australia will witness in 2022 continuous waves of fires.

The blind divination predicted the spread of locusts in the world, and humanity will face poverty and hunger, and the earthly dimension will be exposed to drought.

Many of Baba Vanga's predictions, whose full name is Vangelia Goshterova, for the year 2021 were fulfilled, including the mutation of the Corona virus and the Chinese missile, and many of them did not come true, such as the emergence of life on planets different from the planet, and also the people of the earth communicate with spiritual scientists, and the collapse of the European economy discovery of a cure for cancer.

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