From the evening of December 25 to 26, heavy snow fell in most parts of Hunan.

Among them, the areas of western Hunan and Changsha suffered heavy snowfall, which affected railway transportation.

The Hunan Railway Department immediately initiated the emergency response plan, increased its personnel, established a commando team of party members, off-duty workers, and young volunteers, and did a good job in deicing, snow-sweeping, anti-skid and anti-freezing work in stations, railway lines, signals, and power supply equipment in Hunan. , Go all out to ensure the safety and smooth flow of the railway.

Major stations in Hunan and Guangdong regions simultaneously do a good job in passenger services and ticket refunds and changes.

Photo by Yuan Tingxuan

Release time: 2021-12-27 15:06:16 【Editor: Yang Yanyu】