The earth is the homeland on which we all human beings live. This beautiful homeland is always amazing with its numerous changes.

Those dreamlike landscapes, like Gu Cheng’s poem, "I praise the world, using the song of bees, the dance of butterflies, and the poems of flowers; the moon, lost in the night sky, is like a pebble; stars , Scattered in the dark night, like tiny golden sands, wash with the wind of summer night! You will get the brilliance of the universe... "Let us experience the magical images of this year together in an immersive manner. The beauty is outrageous!

The picture shows a photo of the Northern Lights dancing in the air taken by Canadian photographer Paul Zizka, which is so beautiful that it is suffocating.

Image source: ICphoto

Release time: 2021-12-27 09:22:59 【Editor: Zhai Lu】