China Weather Network News This morning (December 25), the minimum temperature in Beijing dropped to minus 10 degrees Celsius, spending the coldest morning since this winter.

Today, it is windy and cold in Beijing, with gusts ranging from 6 to 7, the highest temperature is minus 4℃, and the lowest temperature is minus 11℃. Please take care of wind and cold.

  Affected by the cold wave, the weather in Beijing was sunny and cold yesterday. At 14:00 in the afternoon, the temperature in the southern suburbs observatory was only -4.5°C. Coupled with gusts of magnitude 4 to 5, the wind chill effect was significant.

This morning, the temperature in Beijing dropped again, and the lowest temperature in the southern suburbs observatory dropped to minus 10°C for the first time this winter. It was chilly!

  At present, Beijing is still in the blue warning of cold wave and strong wind, and the temperature will continue to be below freezing during the weekend.

The Beijing Meteorological Observatory issued a weather forecast at 6 o'clock this morning. It is expected that it will be sunny during the day, with northerly winds of magnitude three or four (gusts of magnitude six or seven), and the maximum temperature of minus 4℃; The lowest temperature is minus 11℃.

  Tomorrow, Beijing will still be sunny, and the temperature will rise slightly, with the highest temperature of minus 1℃ and the lowest temperature of minus 9℃.

Next Monday, the highest temperature in Beijing will return to above freezing.

  Meteorological experts reminded that Beijing today is gusty, the temperature continues to be low, the effect of wind chill is significant, the body feels very cold, and you need to strengthen wind and cold protection when going out; dry things dry, timely moisturize and moisturize, pay attention to fire safety.