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Every Saturday at the Table des bons vivants, Laurent Mariotte, his columnists and his guests give us their best recipes.

For 6 to 8 people

24 spoon cookies

120 g of water

100 g sugar

1 g of agar-agar

2 tablespoon of orange blossom

Chocolate ganache and assembly

180 g of liquid cream

80 g of milk chocolate

100 g dark chocolate

3 clementine


80 g of melted chocolate in a bain-marie

Clementine quarter

QS Toasted Buckwheat

Pieces of meringue



Bring the water, sugar and agar-agar to a boil 

off the heat, pour the orange blossom.

On your work surface place a sheet of cling film about 30 cm by 30 cm

Soak your spoon cookies in the still lukewarm syrup.

Place them on the cling film, making three strips of 6 so as to form a rectangle.

Squeeze them well and put them next to each other.

Let cool.

Ganache and assembly

Bring the liquid cream to a boil.

Pour this hot liquid cream over the two chocolates, mix with a spatula so as to melt the chocolate.

Reserve 60 g of this ganache for the final decoration.

Spread the remaining chocolate ganache on the soaked and cold cookies.

Put clementine quarters on the surface.

Using the cling film, roll the spoon biscuit from bottom to top so as to obtain a cylinder like a log.

tighten everything and close both ends.

Keep in the fridge for at least 1 hour so as to set the chocolate ganache.

Decoration and finishing

Once the log is cold, remove the cling film.

With a brush, make waves of melted chocolate in a bain-marie on the top of your log.

Brush on the sides with chocolate and add a little buckwheat.

On top add clementine quarters, and pieces of meringue