In a tax evasion case in which former president Hidetoshi Tanaka of Nihon University was arrested on suspicion of hiding his income of about 120 million yen, former president Tanaka responded to the investigation by the Special Investigation Department, saying, "I suddenly got a lot of money and got lost. At the end of the day, I instructed my wife not to file tax returns. "

The former president has admitted that he is accused of tax evasion and is planning to file an amendment.

Hidetoshi Tanaka (75), the former president of Nihon University, is the former president of the Osaka medical corporation, Masami Himoto (61), who was charged with the case of tax evasion, and Tadao Inokuchi (64), who was a director of Nihon University. I was arrested by the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office last month on suspicion of tax evasion of 53 million yen in total three years ago and last year, hiding income of about 120 million yen such as rebates received from).

According to the people concerned, former President Tanaka has stated to the investigation by the Special Investigation Department that he had heard from his wife that he had received a large amount of cash addressed to him.

Regarding the reason why he did not file a tax return, he said, "I didn't file a tax return after suddenly getting a lot of money. I instructed my wife to file only salary income and real estate income from the university as before. It was newly found that the statement was made.

In addition, former President Himoto was away from his mobile phone because he provided a large amount of cash to former President Tanaka and his wife in a paper bag with souvenirs such as sake. It means that my wife left a message to the effect of gratitude, "Thank you for receiving a lot."

Former President Tanaka has admitted that he is accused of tax evasion, and plans to file an amendment in the future.

The Special Investigation Department is proceeding with a detailed investigation into the details of cash transfer and tax filing toward the 20-day detention deadline.