Our reporter Jian Gongbo

  The "Detailed Rules for Online Short Video Content Review Standards" was released yesterday, which aroused concern.

Many netizens disputed one of them-in accordance with Article 93 of the "Detailed Rules", short video programs must not appear "unauthorized cutting, adaptation of movies, TV series, online TV series and other audiovisual programs and fragments."

"Short videos must not be edited without authorization for film and television dramas" soon appeared on Weibo's hot search topics.

  There has been a long-standing dispute over whether short video clips of film and television dramas and variety show clips are infringing. The TV series "Mother of the House" that has just been broadcast even set up a copyright statement screen in the drama, emphasizing that it includes screens/screenshots, clips, and extras. All "elements" of the play require written permission before use.

However, this statement failed to prevent the repeated dissemination of footage in the film that some netizens believed to be suspected of animal cruelty.

  In the opinion of some industry insiders and netizens, many short video programs now directly edit and compress original film and television dramas and variety shows, which makes people lose the motivation to watch the original film. It is a clear violation of the law to even borrow clips for advertising.

However, some netizens believe that some short videos are actually film reviews and need to quote the original clips. "Why should you be afraid of short video quotes if you have a good quality?"

"Tucao blogger" style has changed

  Citizen Xie Xiao likes to watch all kinds of TV drama Tucao programs on the Internet. These programs usually finish a movie in 5 to 6 minutes. "Bloggers have their own characteristics, some have sharp opinions, and some have humorous words." Xie Xiao The first short video clip of film and television dramas and variety shows was the Taiwanese blogger "Gu Amo". At present, his Weibo fans have reached 12.434 million. The introduction says "'Take you to watch the movie in X minutes'" Series creator".

Gu Amo used his own language to tell the story of a film and television drama in a few minutes. Its iconic colloquialisms such as "tool man", "good innocence and not contrived", etc. once became internet buzzwords.

However, Xie Xiao found that the copyright of film and television dramas and variety shows is becoming tighter and tighter, and "Tucao bloggers" have begun to transform.

After Gu Amo was sued by Disney in Taiwan, many "tucao bloggers" have become more and more careful in using material in recent years.

When targeting some of the film and television dramas and variety shows that have just been screened and started, they often use publicity materials such as trailers, side-by-sides or stills as the screen instead of the main feature screen.

  Click on the short videos recently produced by many well-known "Tucao bloggers" on the Internet, and the style of painting has changed significantly.

While Gu Amo continued to talk about the film, he also opened a new column, shooting short videos to verify whether the various bridge segments in the film are feasible in reality, such as the recent verification of "Can the people tied with tape in the film escape"; another The blogger "Mr. Liu Said the Movie" revisited the old drama many years ago, and even started to talk about "Today's Statement"; the blogger "Lu Wen 1900" was in the more than 9-minute video when he tweeted about "Being the Master of the House". Using emoticons as a picture, the video of this issue once ranked 38th at station B.

Is copyright at the core of the long and short video dispute?

  "The "Copyright Law" clarifies that copyright includes the'right to protect the integrity of the work', that is, the right to protect the work from distortion and tampering." From the perspective of legal professionals, short videos are not allowed to cut the content of film and television dramas and variety shows without authorization. Can rely on.

However, the law mentions a variety of "exemptions" in the limitation of copyright rights, including "for personal study, research or appreciation, to use works that have been published by others" and "to introduce or comment on a certain work or explain a certain problem. , And appropriately quote the published works of others in the works".

It depends on the nature of the short videos that use these images.

  On the short video platform, you can find a lot of "quickly watching movies and TV shows" content, and cut together a nearly complete plot through screen skipping.

Mr. Du, who is engaged in film and television production, said that he and his colleagues have encountered such problems. Short video bloggers have edited all the wonderful and high-powered clips together, and the plot is all spoiled. Who will continue to watch the film and television series? Woolen cloth?

"We worked hard to shoot and produce, and finally became a tool for people to make money at ultra-low cost." Therefore, he welcomed the release of the "Detailed Rules", "The "Detailed Rules" was proposed by the industry association. It is more efficient to use industry self-discipline than to take legal channels. In the past, we It’s not that you don’t want to be held accountable, but you are suing one by one, and the cost of protecting your rights is too high."

  In the opinion of some people in the industry, "watching a movie in X minutes" in a short and quick time has lost much of the pleasure of watching film and television dramas and variety shows for the audience: "A complete work is a whole, climax and presentation are all Very important. Just like eating a dish, the dish is of course important, and the condiments are also indispensable. Short videos can only reproduce a few clips or ignore a lot of details. The audience will not feel the quality of the work, and the evaluation of the work will be unfair. Citizen Mr. Huo once saw an edited video of a TV series on the short video platform. He felt that the plot was "very ridiculous". After watching the complete series, he discovered that it was not what the short video said at all.

  However, in the eyes of many netizens, short videos involving film and television dramas and variety shows launched by well-known "tucao bloggers" have long gone beyond "moving pictures and telling stories", but are analyzing details, expressing opinions and even advocating ideas. There is no doubt that it is a serious film and television commentary, just a short video method and a personalized language."

For example, "Lu Wen 1900" said when a certain director repeatedly speculatively said, "It should not be the audience taking off the colored glasses to see your work, but you have to use your work to take off the audience's colored glasses." Netizens regarded it as a "golden sentence"; when he criticized a traffic star's new drama, he said, "You can only think that I am objective when my subjectivity matches yours." This sentence was regarded by Xie Xiao as "precisely hurts the logic of the rice circle." "This is obviously a comment. If such a comment quotes the corresponding screen of a film and television drama that is deemed to be infringing, I can only understand that the film party cannot withstand criticism. Will they pursue the short videos that praise them in the name of infringement? "

The audience hopes that the long and short videos will have a benign interaction

  With the emergence of short videos, more and more film and television dramas and program creators have to turn to short video platforms and "tucao bloggers" to cooperate.

Not long ago, "Teacher Liu said the movie" and another blogger "Movies to Filmlast" jointly interviewed the main creator of "Railway Heroes" at station B. Director Yang Feng and the main actors Zhang Hanyu, Fan Wei, Wei Chen, Yu Haoming all Appeared in this 20-minute video.

Although the movie "The First Incense" has received a lot of criticism, the short video marketing through Douyin is regarded as a "marketing innovation that sinks the market."

  "Short videos are also evolving, with more vertical content and distinctive features. Of course, the competition is fierce." Some "tucao bloggers" admitted frankly that short videos are constantly improving their quality while maintaining their "down-to-earth" characteristics, such as station B. UP’s main “I’m Weird King”, he focuses on the interpretation of suspense and reasoning works. He has explained film and television dramas such as “Detective Di Renjie” and “Song Mention Criminal Officer”. After He Bing watched the video content, he connected with him. Actor Zhang Zhen and director Chen Zhengdao also accepted an interview during the promotion of their respective films "Hunting" and "Secret Visitor".

  "The key factor for short video bloggers to gain the favor of film and television dramas and program producers is their own content quality and influence in the vertical field." In the eyes of some netizens, this kind of interaction is what they like to see, "no matter how long or short the video is. , We all want to see quality works."