Police are in Yaizu City on the 15th after a shipping company outside the prefecture submitted a damage report over the bonito theft incident that occurred at the Yaizu fishing port in Shizuoka prefecture, which boasts the largest amount of frozen bonito landed in Japan. I searched two freezer warehouses on suspicion of theft.

At the Yaizu fishing port, five people, including a Yaizu fishery cooperative employee and a former president of a fishery processing company, have been arrested and charged with stealing frozen bonito landed by a local shipping company.

In addition, a shipping company outside Shizuoka Prefecture also reported damage in March, claiming that about 10 tons of bonito had been stolen, and as a result of police investigations of images from security cameras, a shipping company with its head office in Kanagawa Prefecture. On the 15th, he searched the warehouse on suspicion of theft because it was found that the truck was suspected of carrying the bonito out of the weighing station and carrying it into a freezer warehouse in Yaizu City.

We also searched for another freezer warehouse in Yaizu City that was used by the shipping company.

On the 14th, police are also searching for branches and trucks in Yaizu city of the transportation company, analyzing the seized materials, etc. to investigate in detail the person involved in the case and the route where the bonito was carried. I am doing it.