(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) Infected people in Ningbo, Zhejiang are concentrated in the control area, no spread of the epidemic has occurred

  China News Service, Ningbo, December 14 (Reporter Lin Bo) "So far, all the infected persons found are concentrated in the control area of ​​Jiaochuan Street, Zhenhai District. No new infections have been found outside Jiaochuan Street, and no cases have occurred. The epidemic has spread and spilled. Therefore, the current epidemic situation in Zhenhai District is generally stable and controllable.” On December 14, Wang Renyuan, Deputy Secretary-General of the Ningbo Municipal Government, Director of the General Office, and Executive Deputy Director of the Ningbo Municipal Office of Epidemic Prevention and Control held the new crown in the city. This was said at a press conference on pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work.

  Since December 12, as of 15:00 on the 14th, there have been 11 new cases of positive infections in Ningbo, all of whom were transferred from the closed area of ​​Jiaochuan Street. They came from the Hongqiao Sifang construction site and the Wulipai community. They passed through the centralized isolation point. Actively discovered during routine nucleic acid testing.

The activity trajectory of all personnel is relatively clear, and close and sub-closed personnel are effectively controlled.

  Since the outbreak of the epidemic on December 6, the city has carried out 3 rounds of nucleic acid tests for all employees in Zhenhai District (except Jiaochuan Street), and 4 rounds of nucleic acid tests for all employees have been carried out in the control area of ​​Jiaochuan Street, Zhenhai District. More than 1.92 million people have been tested in total.

  In response to the increasingly tense situation of isolation houses, the city has strengthened the construction and storage of centralized isolation houses. At present, Zhenhai District has started the construction of temporary isolation houses. It is expected that the first batch of 670 sets of temporary isolation houses will be put into use by December 15th. Activity isolation room.

  "In this Zhenhai epidemic, 13 cases of infected people came from the concentrated settlements of the Sifang construction site in Hongqiao." Wang Renyuan said that since the outbreak, the city has attached great importance to the prevention and control of the construction site and issued the "Regarding Strictly "Emergency Notice on Improving the City's Construction Site Prevention and Control Work" requires Ningbo's construction sites to comprehensively strengthen closed-loop management, focusing on strengthening personnel management and control, strengthening inspection and monitoring, strengthening epidemic prevention guarantees, strengthening responsibility implementation, and strengthening emergency management. Strengthen the epidemic prevention and control work at construction sites.