Recently, the Tiexi Branch of the Shenyang Public Security Bureau passed a timely warning and successfully blocked a case of fraudulent telecommunications fraud.

  The Anti-fraud Center of the Tiexi Sub-bureau received an early warning of high-risk fraud by posing as "Public Procuratorate". The early warning officer immediately contacted the victim, and multiple calls were in progress.

As soon as the early warning officer reported the situation to the leader, he issued a three-level early warning order; at the same time, he continuously sent anti-fraud reminders to Ms. Guo but received no response.

  After receiving the warning from the Anti-fraud Center, the Jihong Police Station of the Tiexi Sub-bureau contacted Ms. Guo’s lover and informed that his wife was suffering from a fake “Public Procuratorate” telecommunications fraud and that the type of fraud has the characteristics of fast brainwashing speed and deep involvement of the parties. .

Liu Botong, a policeman from the Jihong Police Station, came to Ms. Guo's house and knocked on the door and no one opened the door.

At this time, Ms. Guo's lover just rushed back and opened the door, but there was no one at home.

  The situation is urgent, and the contact between Ms. Guo and the fraud suspect must be cut off quickly.

Based on the characteristics of fraud by posing as the public prosecutor, Liu Botong analyzed that Ms. Guo might be lured by scammers to find hotels with a quiet environment near her residential area, and then the police began to search for hotels near Ms. Guo's home.

When finally inquiring at an express hotel, the boss immediately remembered that a skinny woman had come to stay just now. After finding the room where Ms. Guo lived, Liu Botong knocked on the door and asked for the name of the guest. Ms. Guo’s voice came from inside, but She didn't open the door. Just when the police decided to break in, Ms. Guo opened the door. At the moment of death, Liu Botong quickly snatched Ms. Guo's mobile phone to hang up.

At this time, everyone's hanging hearts fell to the ground, and Ms. Guo just woke up like a dream.

  According to Liu Botong’s law enforcement recorder, after receiving the police, Liu Botong took a total of 8 minutes and 20 seconds from arriving at Ms. Guo’s community to successfully blocking the fraud. He ran wildly in this emergency. Clear and accurate judgment.

In the end, Ms. Guo was taken back from the fraudster, and her Zijin property was secured.

  Gao Meixin, a policeman from the Anti-Electric Fraud Early Warning Center of the Tiexi Branch of the Shenyang Public Security Bureau, told reporters that the public security organs have the right to directly freeze the funds of a criminal suspect, and if the public security police have found the suspect, they will not show it to the suspect through a network link. Wanted warrants and arrest warrants to facilitate the escape of criminal suspects.

Therefore, if the above situation occurs, it can basically be judged that this is a telecommunications fraud.

  (Reporter Yu Ruizhai Wang Jingwei video source from Tiexi Branch of Shenyang Public Security Bureau)

Editor in charge: [Ye Pan]