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    With this fat burning routine

It is one of the most demanding exercises in the gym, but those who do it get hooked, because they claim that it is also so pleasant that it acts like a drug. What I like most about this discipline is the

low risk of injury

it has. The joints and back do not suffer during workouts, that is, anyone can do it. And what exactly does it consist of? It is a low-impact exercise that is performed on a stationary bicycle on which exercises of speed, resistance and elasticity are done. And, they say, it is the best to fight with that


that causes so many evils. It helps to relax accumulated tension, so it is recommended to practice it after a hard work day to disconnect the mind while burning calories.

Tone your body


Legs and glutes will be the first beneficiaries of your spinning practice.

The abs are also muscles that you will exercise during your class because the entire part of the bent with the handlebars will deepen that part of your body, because it

burns calories and helps you lose weight


This is probably the reason for its success, because the most immediate consequence of spinning will be your magnificent body.

It burns a lot of calories and is one of the sports with which you lose the most.

In addition, it

improves cardiovascular health

pedaling for 45 minutes, which is how long a class lasts, is an excellent practice of cardio exercise.

Your heart will exercise, train and, therefore, reduce the chances of having cardiovascular disease.

Psychological benefits of spinning

So far the most medical part and to which we are more accustomed.

They are the advantages of a sport that we know and we know improves our body, but

what about our mind?

The answer is overwhelming: yes.

Spinning makes us




Helping us to have a much better perception of ourselves and our body and developing a work of self-love.

That is, it

raises self-esteem

, which makes it a benchmark when it comes to talking about psychological benefits.

Quickly seeing the benefits of spinning makes us trust it more and want to practice it;

Achieving goals and challenges makes us gain confidence in ourselves and that we want to practice that sport that encourages us to improve ourselves.

Another point in favor is that spinning encourages relationships, another of its advantages.

As a group sport, it encourages companionship and cronyism, and the rigors of exercise make class a fun and enjoyable date.

Other benefits of spinning

Finally, the


also has its advantages.

Incorporating spinning into your day to day will increase your emotional well-being.

You will get used to receiving your dose of endorphins, responsible for your


, because the practice of aerobic sports multiplies it.

The fact that you get that amount of pleasure hormones will make spinning one of those gym classes that you won't skip.

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