"Somehow the years merge a bit for me."

But I have to say that I've gotten so used to Corona that it's no longer the focus for me. I no longer wait for it to come to an end, as I did in lockdown, no longer count the weeks and look at forecasts. I got vaccinated and I know what I did it for: I protect myself and others. The summer was very good, in the summer you're always somehow more optimistic and you can meet outside; I've had really good times in between, and I also believe that I valued certain things a lot more.

As far as school is concerned, the phase with the online lessons was no less stressful for me: You felt lonely, you were more on your own, the whole time you only thought about your performance.

Perhaps that was also a kind of confirmation for oneself: At least one wanted to do well what one still had, that is, the school.

I think everyone is now a little bit aware that school is really important.

Not just the education itself, but the location and structure that the school provides.

And that it somehow makes you happy because you meet people there and can exchange ideas with your classmates. 

Nina, 16 years, Frankfurt

"I've already forgotten what it's like to live without Corona."

For example, when I go to stores, I automatically put on the mask.

The year has passed very quickly, but it was actually very good.

We were able to travel again, we did not get Corona and stayed healthy.

Opening the window is annoying at school, now in winter it gets very cold and you keep putting your jacket on and off and on and off.

My teacher said that many children are behind in school because of Corona, and we will now take the time to catch up on a lot.

I'm afraid the schools will close again.

But now I also have a cell phone and can write to my friends. 

Liliana, 11 years, Frankfurt

"The year started in the deepest lockdown, ..."

... and after that we had this feeling for months: What am I allowed to do now? What can I represent myself? Among us friends, we didn't know for a long time whether we should meet again more in groups or continue to meet individually. Then a few months ago I thought everything would be back to normal now. But what is normal? We have had a mask requirement in school for a year and a half, we test ourselves three times a week. That's not normal. But after I was vaccinated, I did more of what I wanted to do, and I did it without any worries because I felt safer. I thought: Now I finally want to live my life again. Instead, this autumn comes with the next wave, and you feel like you are back in time a year ago. Just vaccinate yourself! In winter 2020 I was in quarantine for two weeks,because there was a positive Corona case in my year and I stayed completely isolated in my room for the first five days. The food was put in front of my door and then we ate or played cards together over Facetime.