[Explanation] This year, through the central financial support of social organizations to participate in social services for orphans and disabled children, medical experts from the Chinese Society of Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology came to Yunnan Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture to conduct rehabilitation assistance screenings. Among them, Xiao Zhaxi was considered Need to go to Beijing for further surgical treatment.

  [Concurrent] Xu Jinshan, Deputy Chief Physician of Functional Neurosurgery, Beijing Children's Hospital, Capital Medical University

  Xiao Zhaxi was a child with spastic cerebral palsy that was screened when we went to Diqing for disease screening.

His main manifestation now is that the muscles of both lower limbs are spasms particularly obvious, walking is very difficult, and both lower limbs are stiff.

  [Concurrent] Little Tashi Grandma

  He walks on tiptoe (foot), which has a greater impact. We want to come to Beijing for surgery. When walking on tiptoe (foot), we hope that our heels can fall a little, (just) so happy.

  [Explanation] Xiao Zhaxi’s grandmother told reporters that Xiao Zhaxi needs continuous rehabilitation. Long-term rehabilitation training consumes a lot of energy and money for them, and the family is more difficult.

This time, the national project supported them to go north for treatment. They were delighted and looked forward to the operation to improve Xiao Tashi's physical condition.

  [On-site] Rounds

  Today’s surgery is a very normal operation, so don’t be too nervous, okay?


  After the operation, wait until you recover well, recover well, and strive to stand up slowly and improve your ability to live.

  [Synchronization] Komasai

  (Little Tashi, how do you feel now?) Scared.

(Afraid? Why are you afraid?) I am afraid of pain because the knife cuts me.

  [Concurrent] Xu Jinshan, Deputy Chief Physician of Functional Neurosurgery, Beijing Children's Hospital, Capital Medical University

  Selective posterior root dissection is a routine operation in our functional neurosurgery. We do it on the waist. It is usually a single (pushing board) segment or multiple (pushing board) segments. Now we generally perform a single (pushing board) segment. ) Segment is a minimally invasive surgery, this kind of surgery is to open a (push plate) segment, so that the child suffers less pain and recovers quickly.

The purpose is to improve the muscle tone of his lower limbs, so his lower limbs will not be so hard.

  [Synchronization] Komasai

  (After the operation is completed, the disease will be cured. Not happy?) (Nodding) (Also happy? Do you want to get better soon?) (Nodding vigorously)

  [Explanation] In the afternoon, Xiao Zhaxi underwent an operation at Beijing Children's Hospital. The operation went smoothly. At present, he still needs the help of a doctor for postoperative recovery.

Under the warm winter sun in Beijing, this child from Caiyunzhinan is moving towards a healthier future step by step.

  Reporter Wen Mengxin reports from Beijing

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]