At the Yaizu fishing port in Shizuoka prefecture, which boasts the largest amount of frozen bonito landed in Japan, employees of a local fishery cooperative and a former president of a fishery processing company who were accused of stealing bonito were about 3 tons in August last year. According to an interview with an investigative official, the police sent him to the police for suspected stealing the bonito.

Five people were sent off, including Minoru Yoshida (40), the chief of the outport sales floor of the Yaizu Fisheries Cooperative in Yaizu City, and Kazuo Shindo (60), the former president of a fishery processing company in the city.

Four of the five, including the chief and the former president, have already been charged with theft in February for stealing about 4 tons of frozen bonito landed by a local shipping company, worth about 1 million yen in market value. I am.

According to the investigators, police examined the storage records of the frozen warehouse where the bonito was brought in, and the chief and the former president colluded with the former staff of the fishery cooperative, and the same shipping company landed in August last year. It was found that there was a suspicion of stealing about 3 tons of bonito and a market value of about 720,000 yen, and by the 10th, the bonito was sent for inspection on suspicion of theft.

On the 9th, three shipping companies outside Shizuoka Prefecture have filed criminal charges for the same damage caused by the theft of bonito and tuna, and police are proceeding with the elucidation of the actual situation.