Nihon University, which is in an unusual situation where the top director of a school corporation and its aides are arrested, is the first reporter on the 10th, just over three months after the forced investigation by the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office. At the press conference, President Naoto Kato declared that he would "permanently break up with former President Tanaka and eliminate his influence."

At Nihon University, Hidetoshi Tanaka (75), who was the president, was arrested last month on suspicion of violating the Income Tax Act, and Tadao Inoguchi (64), who was an aide and director, joined the university over the business of the affiliated hospital. He was arrested and prosecuted by last month on charges of his back office, which leaked more than 400 million yen.

The university held a press conference for the first time on the 10th, more than three months after the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office first launched a forced investigation in a series of incidents, and President Kato said at the beginning, "It is an unprecedented event and represents the university. We would like to express our sincere apologies to the students, students, and parents. "

After that, he declared, "Nihon University will permanently break up with former President Tanaka, eliminate its influence, and will not allow him to engage in university business in the future," and stated that he would not pay any executive compensation or retirement allowance. I did.

In addition, it was clarified that the subsidiary Nihon University Division, which was the stage of the incident, will respond with a view to liquidation and will organize a Nihon University Revitalization Conference centered on outside experts to consider the future of the university. Did.

A series of incidents involving Nihon University

At Nihon University, in September, the home of former president Tanaka, who was the head of the headquarters and school corporation, was forcibly investigated by the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office.

After that, Tadao Inoguchi, a former director who is an aide to the former president, is arrested and prosecuted for his back office.

Former President Tanaka himself was arrested on suspicion of tax evasion on the 29th of last month, which is an extremely unusual situation.

Of these, in the case of the back office, former director Inoguchi and former president of a medical corporation in Osaka, Masami Himoto (61), spent a total of more than 400 million yen from the university over the rebuilding work of the university's hospital and the delivery of medical equipment. He has been accused of causing damage by leaking it to the former president.

According to the people concerned, there is a suspicion that former directors Inoguchi and former president Himoto were effectively repatriating some of the outflowed funds through paper companies and other organizations.

The two have stated to the investigation that they have provided more than 70 million yen to the former President Tanaka as a celebration of reappointment and birthday.

The Special Investigation Department did not file tax returns for a total of about 120 million yen, including cash received by former President Tanaka three years ago and last year from former President Himoto and other traders, and tax evaded 53 million yen. Therefore, we are proceeding with an investigation on suspicion of violating the Income Tax Act.

What is Hidetoshi Tanaka, the former president?

Former President Hidetoshi Tanaka is from the Sumo Club of Nihon University, and even after becoming a university employee, he continued to compete and won numerous titles such as "Amateur Yokotsuna."

He has a wide range of connections in the sports world and is still the vice chairman of the Japan Sumo Federation, which oversees amateur sumo, and also served as the vice chairman of the JOC = Japanese Olympic Committee for four years until 2017.

As a university employee, I was appointed as the president of the school corporation Nihon University in 2008, 13 years ago, after working as an executive of the Health and Physical Education Council, which manages each sports club.

At that time, the president was the actual top management, but in 2012, four years after taking office, the post of president was abolished and the authority of the president was strengthened.

Several Nihon University officials say that they have become extremely influential as the top of the university, both in name and reality.

Even after a former director of Nihon University was charged with his back office over an affiliated hospital, he did not give an explanation in public and was arrested by the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office on suspicion of tax evasion on the 1st of this month. The resignation of the chief was approved by the board of directors, and the director was also dismissed on the 3rd of this month.

Nihon University students

Before the press conference on the 10th, many students from Nihon University were distrustful of the university and asked for a convincing explanation from the university.

A third-year female student said, "Because we are paying high tuition fees, we are worried that our tuition fees are not flowing to strange places. We have not been explained by the university, so it will recur in the future. I would like you to give a convincing explanation, including preventive measures and improvement measures. "

A male student in the third grade said, "I'm looking for a job, so I'm worried that it won't affect me. I want the university to tell me the facts without hiding anything."

Another male student said, "I have a feeling of distrust because it happened while I was talking with my parents if I could reduce the tuition fee because university classes are being held online due to the influence of the new coronavirus." I was talking.