[Explanation] On December 9, the reporter learned from the Hulunbuir Municipal Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region that since the outbreak of the epidemic in Manzhouli City, as the prevention and control situation continues to change, the psychological state of the masses and front-line workers has also fluctuated. In one situation, the Hulunbuir Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have organized and deployed professional forces to strengthen psychological counseling and psychological interventions for quarantined persons, community residents, and front-line prevention and control staff. At the same time as medical prevention and control, it also builds an anti-epidemic for mental health. "wall.

  [Explanation] Gu Guanjun is a psychologist at the Third People's Hospital of Hulunbuir. After the outbreak, he and more than a dozen colleagues came to Manzhouli City to provide mental health knowledge for centralized quarantine personnel through WeChat group, and play related audio and video. , To help them relieve tension and release psychological pressure.

  [Concurrent] Gu Guanjun, Deputy Director, Psychotherapy Center, Third People's Hospital of Hulunbuir

  We are one, a guarantee of mentality.

We are here to accompany everyone through this difficult time.

Whenever everyone has a need, wants to communicate with us, wants to talk, we are all there.

  [Explanation] In order to alleviate the psychological pressure of front-line anti-epidemic personnel during continuous work, psychologists will also treat hospitals, public security officers, and community service personnel at Manzhouli Port as their service targets.

They scan the QR code online, issue psychological test forms, WeChat inquiries, video online, hotline, etc., to provide relevant mental health protection for anti-epidemic personnel in need, such as relief of stress, relief of negative emotions, and improvement of psychological flexibility. Services to help them engage in anti-epidemic work with a better attitude.

  [Concurrent] Guo Xiuhua, Director of Hailar Clinical Psychology Clinic, Third People's Hospital of Hulunbuir

  Psychological counseling plays an incalculable role in our final battle to win this epidemic.

Because only when people achieve emotional stability can we finally win the battle against the epidemic.

  [Explanation] Psychological counselors not only provide services such as psychological assistance and psychological counseling for people in need, but also answer questions for counselors during the anti-epidemic isolation period and help them better solve the problems they face.

  [Concurrent] Yu Chengjun, President of Hulunbuir Psychological Counselors Association

  We are the first to appease his emotions, so that when he is anxious, nervous, or difficult, there is such a space for venting and easing.

The second is to be able to give help-seekers such a hotline to let them know that such a problem can find a corresponding solution to the problem, so that it can help our help-seekers solve their actual problems.

  (Reporting by Ma Zhiyuan, Zhang Wei, Jin Ke, Hulunbeier, Inner Mongolia)

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]