In the case where local fishermen's cooperative staff and former president of a fish processing company were charged with stealing frozen bonito at the Yaizu fishing port in Shizuoka prefecture, three shipping companies outside the prefecture landing at the fishing port in the same way. He filed a complaint with the police on the 9th, alleging that he had been stolen bonito and tuna.

Five people, including the chief of the outport sales floor of the Yaizu Fisheries Cooperative in Yaizu City and the former president of a fishery processing company in the city, said that in February, about 4 tons of frozen bonito landed by another company at the Yaizu fishing port, the market price is about. He is accused of stealing the equivalent of 1 million yen.

In connection with this incident, three shipping companies, Nagasaki, Niigata, and Miyagi, landing at Yaizu fishing port filed a complaint with the police on the 9th and were accepted.

According to the lawyer of the shipping company, the complaint stated that from October to August last year, bonito and tuna, a total of more than 10 tons, were stolen at a market value of about 1.9 million yen. The former presidents allege that they are suspected of stealing.

Attorney Masafumi Kawamura, an attorney for the three shipping companies, said, "Betrayed by the fishery cooperatives and processing companies that we trusted, the shipping companies and crew members who were damaged are very angry. I'm thinking. "

Regarding the Yaizu fishing port, another Tottori shipping company has filed a damage report with the police in October, alleging that about 3 tons of bonito had been stolen.

Yaizu Fisheries Cooperative "Solemnly accept and cooperate with the investigation"

Regarding the criminal accusation, the Yaizu Fisheries Cooperative commented, "We take the criminal accusation seriously and will continue to cooperate with the police investigation."

In addition, the fishery processing company states that "I cannot comment because the person in charge is absent."