• The Chez Gaud bar, located in Loguivy-de-la-Mer, in the Côtes-d'Armor, has been condemned for noise pollution.

  • A retired couple living next door had lodged a complaint after the organization of several concerts in the summer.

  • The invoice of 21,000 euros received by the managers of the establishment prompted the reaction of local elected officials, who gave their support to the historic bar.

It is a neighborhood conflict that has lasted for four years. One of those many cases where conciliation and dialogue are impossible and which ends in court. Except that this one awakens an old classic war in Brittany. We are in Loguivy-de-la-Mer, not far from Paimpol, in the Côtes-d'Armor. It is in this village very frequented by tourists, in summer, that the Chez Gaud bar is installed. A Ploubazlanec institution open since 1876 that all the locals know. Four and a half years ago, the establishment was taken over by Anne-Sophie and Clément Conan, a sister and a brother from the entertainment world, with a view to making the bistro a place of culture.

This new vocation was not really to the taste of a couple of neighbors. Long established in Saint-Brieuc, the couple settled permanently in their second home located just next to the bar. And very quickly, everything went wrong. “We saw from the start that things would go wrong. It was almost harassment, ”says Anne-Sophie Conan. Last week, the manager of Chez Gaud was fined 9,500 euros for "abnormal neighborhood disturbance". Justice accuses him of noise pollution, including the organization of outdoor concerts in summer. “We're talking about six concerts in the summer, two hours on Friday. But that's what made our turnover. We've been working hard for four and a half years to offer a little culture and keep the business open.And are we made off as the bad guys? », Annoys Anne-Sophie Conan.

The criminal court also instructed her to pay the costs of her neighbor's lawyers, as well as the costs of the various expertises.

In total, the bill approaches 21,000 euros.

“The consequences for us are serious.

This puts us in difficulty, especially during the slack months.

The manager is afraid of having to file for bankruptcy and has opened an online jackpot.

"The regulations are quite tough in terms of noise"

The brother and sister had chosen not to take a lawyer. They did not wish to appeal the decision, determined to sell the establishment to an already identified buyer. For his part, the plaintiff's lawyer recalls that “the nuisance was total” and that the establishment “was not in regulatory compliance” to host outdoor concerts, specifies Me Christophe Sanson, noise specialist. “So yes, there is a debate which opens between the tranquility and the life of a village. I am not competent to animate it. On the other hand, I know that the regulations are quite tough in terms of noise. But it must apply, ”continues the council of neighbors. “The problem is that we transformed a fisherman's bar into something else”.

The rumor of closure of the establishment had the gift of waking up the elected officials of the surrounding villages. Several mayors have shown their support for the Chez Gaud bar. The Brittany region has also approached the managers in order to better understand the situation. “I ran this bar for twenty-two years and sometimes organized concerts there. I have never had any problems with the neighbors, ”says the owner of the walls, Alain Mainguy. Chez Gaud, that was his grandmother's name, has always belonged to her family since 1876, without this being a problem. But, for years, the businesses of the street have gradually closed, often to be transformed into second homes. It did not take more to arouse the anger of the locals, who denounce "the Parisians who are making the prices soar".A debate that goes beyond the simple future of the Loguivy bar.


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