On the evening of December 7, a child in Jiangyang District, Luzhou City was accidentally trapped in a crack in the wall. Fortunately, his family found him in time and called the police for help.

  At about 20 o'clock, fire rescue personnel arrived at the scene to explore and question the child’s family members and learned that the 5-year-old boy accidentally fell from the position on the second floor into the wall of the building used to install drainage pipes and external air conditioners due to playfulness. Among the seams, fortunately, the narrow wall seams act as a buffer to prevent the boy from suffering more serious consequences.

  Based on the situation at the scene, the fire rescue personnel carried out rescue operations in two ways.

While dispatching a thin firefighter wearing rescue equipment to penetrate into the narrow wall gap, using fire-fighting cutters and metal cutters to demolish the metal partition on the outer wall of the first floor to open up the follow-up rescue channel.

In the rescue process, in order to prevent the boy from suffering secondary injuries, the firefighters also carefully put on rescue helmets for the boy, and laid rescue suits on the cut metal partition.

  After an hour of intense rescue, at about 21 o'clock, the firefighters successfully rescued the boy from the crack in the wall and handed it over to the medical staff at the scene to be sent to the hospital for diagnosis.

(Video source from Luzhou Fire Production Wu Rui)

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]