Telephone counseling is available nationwide, where lawyers respond free of charge to the concerns and counseling of people who are having trouble living due to the effects of the new coronavirus.

This free telephone consultation called "Life Protection Hotline" is held every year by the Japan Federation of Bar Associations = Japan Federation of Bar Associations and bar associations in each region.

Of these, in Saitama Prefecture, 15 lawyers from the Saitama Bar Association took turns responding, and when the reception started at 10 am, consultations were received one after another.

There was a consultation saying, "I have been infected with the new corona and my income has decreased, and I have no money to eat. I applied for welfare, but the government office told me to come after my own bankruptcy." The lawyer who responded advised a lawyer or other legal expert to accompany the government office to apply for welfare.

Yuzuru Kamoda, a lawyer from the Saitama Bar Association, said, "I think that the number of people who are in need of living due to the influence of the new corona is increasing, just like last year. There is a livelihood protection system, so please feel free to contact us." I was talking.

The "Livelihood Protection Hotline" will be held until 10 pm on the 9th, and the telephone number will be 0120-158-794, which is common throughout the country.