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  On December 7, Ms. Liu, a citizen living in the dormitory at No. 66 Minzu Avenue, Nanning, reported that she searched Taobao for a company that stated "Nanning door-to-door dredging toilets" due to clogged toilets in the rental house. A charge of 100 yuan was required, but the master used the so-called special potion-dissolved water for many times without Ms. Liu's consent after he came to the door. It took less than half an hour before and after the dredging, and the final charge was 5380 yuan.

  Finding someone online to clear the toilet was charged 5380 yuan

  Miss Liu rents on the 6th floor.

On the evening of December 3, she found that the toilet pit was blocked, so she contacted the landlord, but the landlord said that she could not contact the master who cleared the toilet.

On December 4th, Ms. Liu entered the keyword "Nanning door-to-door dredging toilet" on Taobao, and found a shop called "Lijia dredging service", so she dialed the mobile phone number on the picture.

The other party informed that the normal dredging charge is 100 yuan.

Miss Liu thought the charge was reasonable and sent the address in the form of SMS, and the other party replied "I'm nearby, come here right away".

  Later, there was a call from a mobile phone number showing Yanbian, Jilin. The other party said that he was the master who came to dredge the toilet. The man said that the ordinary dredging was 100 yuan, and the dissolved water was 380 yuan/bottle and 480 yuan/bottle.

Ms. Liu thought that it would not take much dissolved water to dredge, so she chose 480 yuan/bottle of dissolved water and asked the man about how many bottles she would need.

  "I don't know how much to use, just try it." After coming to the door, the man began to unblock the toilet, but he didn't succeed the first time.

"He told me to go to the first floor to stab the pipe. He went downstairs empty-handed and came back less than 3 minutes later, working in the toilet with the door closed." After a while, the man said that the toilet was unblocked and let him Miss Liu tried to see if it was blocked.

After Ms. Liu tried it, the man showed her mobile phone payment code and asked Ms. Liu to pay 5380 yuan.

  The price shocked Miss Liu.

"I asked why it was 5380 yuan. It was too expensive. He told me that the pipeline was relatively old. I shared 11 bottles of dissolved water, plus the door-to-door fee, which is so much." Ms. Liu said, three dredging passes. In, because the potion used was rather smelly, I didn’t always pay attention to how many bottles of dissolved water the other party poured. During the period, she asked three times how many bottles were needed. The other party always said vaguely, "I don’t know, I have to try it. ".

  Thinking that there were only herself and the man in the house at that time, Miss Liu was worried that if she did not pay, the other party would do her harm.

As a result, Ms. Liu, whose salary is not high, borrowed some money from a friend and paid for the toilet through the mobile phone transfer.

The bill shows that the other party's surname is Li.

And the other party did not provide a receipt or invoice after charging.

  Women face difficulties in defending their rights due to lack of business information

  After the incident, Miss Liu, who thought about it more and more, told the landlord of the situation that night, and the landlord said that Miss Liu was cheated.

The next day, Miss Liu went to the Xinghu police station to report the case on the grounds that the toilet was not cleared, hoping that the man could go over and negotiate together.

But the other party refused, only willing to negotiate through video.

"But he didn't appear in the video, he only showed me the ceiling. He also threatened me not to close the video. If you close the video, you will be at your own risk. I closed the video and he sent a voice to me, with a very fierce attitude." Ms. Liu said.

  Ms. Liu clicked on the voice sent by the master of the toilet to the reporter, and the other party repeatedly said, "Is this kind of service attitude bad?" Are you playing with me?" "Is it okay? You don't know? Why don't you say something is missing?" At the police station, the police told her that this matter is an economic dispute, and it is recommended to report to the Market Supervision Administration, or pass Civil litigation sued for rights protection.

  Ms. Liu tried to report the situation to the 12315 hotline, but was told that she needed to provide information such as the address of the business that served her before proceeding to the next step.

Miss Liu said that she still does not know the information of the business involved.

  She also contacted the customer service of "Lijia Dredging Service". The other party ignored her at first. Later, the other party said that she was only responsible for receiving and dispatching orders, "I don't know anything else". If you have any questions, you can call Manager Chen's mobile number.

But Manager Chen replied to her on the phone that "you gave the money yourself, and no one forced you."

In the evening of December 6, the helpless Miss Liu reported the business to Taobao.

Currently, Taobao has accepted the report and will report the result of the report within 3 working days.

  The contact person said that he would not handle the situation and could make a complaint at will

  On the afternoon of December 7, the reporter searched through various map software and mobile browsers, but could not find the relevant information of "Lijia dredging service". The merchant in the first or second place is "Lijia Dredging Service".

Click to open the business, the picture shows "30 minutes on-site service, no charge if no connection", "Business is too good, always running", there is a contact number 134××××6993 on the picture.

The page shows that the place of shipment is "Nanning, Guangxi", "Baby Description", "Seller Service" and "Logistic Service" are all 4.9, and the evaluations of Babies are almost all positive.

  The reporter noticed that in this store, the contact numbers of Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai and other parts of the country are all the same.

The reporter dialed the phone number and showed that the number is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong. The other party said that they have no presence in Nanning, but they have a master who can dredge the pipes in Nanning. It’s old and needs more potions."

When the reporter asked about the charging standards or the system to regulate the management of masters, the other party did not answer.

  The reporter then dialed the cell phone number of the man who cleared the toilet and identified himself, but the other party repeatedly said to the reporter that he "dialed wrong", "I didn't clear the toilet," and so on and hung up the phone.

Manager Chen, located in Foshan, Guangdong, repeatedly stated that the reporter was not a party and did not understand the situation and asked Ms. Liu to report the situation to him.

  When Ms. Liu got in touch with Manager Chen, the other party said that she would not handle it. Ms. Liu complained if she wanted to.

  The reporter then contacted the Taobao Tmall consumer service hotline, and the manual customer service replies to the reporter and can provide the order number to Taobao customer service. Once verified, the merchant will be processed. If the merchant is confirmed to be involved in economic fraud, they will also cooperate with consumers to report the case. .

  It is understood that the general fee for dredging the toilet in Nanning is not very high. The higher the floor, the cheaper the fee. The fee on the 6th floor is about 120 yuan/time, which has nothing to do with the old pipes. Unless the pipes need to be replaced, additional costs will be calculated.

  Lawyer's Statement

  Liao Li, a lawyer at Guangxi Banzhou Law Firm, believes that, based on this situation, Taobao stores need to take responsibility.

When charging, the master should also specify the specific cost to the consumer, because according to the "Consumer Rights Protection Law", consumers have the right to know.

It is recommended that Miss Liu contact Taobao merchants to inquire about the specific cost details, and also ask the other party to provide information such as the name, phone number, and work address of the master.

If the merchant is unwilling to provide information, Ms. Liu can sue the Taobao merchant and the master at the same time, asking them to refund some improper fees collected.