December 7, 2021

Cardi B is very proud of her son

Like many parents, Cardi B is in adoration whenever her children advance in their learning of the finer points of life.

Thus, the rapper was moved to see her son, barely three months old, hold his bottle alone!

“My son is already holding his bottle with both hands.

I'm trying to remember if Kulture (her eldest daughter) did that around three months or if it's one of the superpowers of these baby pandemics, ”she tweeted humorously.

The singer gave birth to her second child in early September, three years after giving birth to Kulture.

Cardi B and Offset have still not released the first name of their son.

Lena Situations learns to play basketball with Tony Parker

Grimes seems to settle scores with Elon Musk

In her new title,

Player of Games

, Grimes refers to a man she is in love with and who is "the greatest gamer of all time."

"He will always love video games more than he loves me," she sings.

In her words, she also addresses this famous companion, telling him that "even love has failed to hold you in place", he who seems to prefer "to navigate" in "space".

For fans, there's no doubt: Grimes' song, released on December 3, describes his relationship with SpaceX boss Elon Musk, who also created video games, according to NDTV, before becoming a millionaire and proposing space travel!

The couple announced they were "semi-separated" in September.


Grimes seems to take his split from Elon Musk lightly

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