Forensic medicine does justice to the dead..the victim of the "Ismailia serial killer": I cut off his head for bargaining with me for an offensive act

Shocking details revealed by the investigations of the Ismailia incest crime in Egypt, where the accused explained that his motives for committing the heinous crime that shook local and international public opinion, was because the victim bargained with him to practice homosexuality, but the official medical reports denied his words, and the forensic report stated that the accused Abdel Rahman lied. A healthy wasp.

The forensic doctor's report proved that by examining the accused locally, no signs of injury were found.

The famous suspect, the Ismaili serial killer, Abd al-Rahman Nazmi, known as Dabour, stated that he committed the felony of premeditated murder, and represented the body of the victim, Muhammad Sadiq, 42, that he turned behind him and took out a knife and attacked him with several separate stab wounds to the body, between the chest, abdomen and neck. He took his life, slaughtered him, and cut off his head in the middle of the street.

Investigations showed that the surveillance cameras documented the crime of the Ismailia incest, and the accused confessed to the crime out of revenge against the victim because the victim bargained with him and calibrated him as gay, in the case that carried No. He walked with him, holding a large knife in his hand, injuring others.

Regarding the condition of the accused and his relationship to the incident under accusation, the examination committee proved that the aforementioned accused does not have at the present time or at the time of the incident under accusation, there are symptoms indicative of a psychological or mental disorder that is a representative of criminal responsibility, and he has sound awareness, choice, will, judgment on matters and knowledge of error. It is right, and his continuous use of narcotics, as well as his use of shabu and aptril before the crime, were strong motives for the occurrence of this heinous crime.

The reports also proved that the statements of the accused, during the investigations of the Public Prosecution, were free from any symptoms indicating the presence of a psychological or mental disorder, and the examination of the mental state of the accused did not show any symptoms or any manifestations indicating the presence of a psychological or mental disorder, and psychological research did not show any indication of the presence of Psychological or mental disorder or decline in mental abilities, but has shown the presence of criminal psychopathic personality traits.

Today, the Ismailia Criminal Court will resume the trial sessions of the accused of beheading a citizen, mutilating his body in the streets of Ismailia, and attempting to murder 2 others.

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