China News Service, Kunming, December 5 (Xiong Jiaxin) A reporter learned from the Yunnan Entry-Exit Border Inspection General Station that on December 4, 2021, the Deputy Captain of the Law Enforcement Investigation Team of the Xishuangbanna Border Management Detachment of the Yunnan Entry-Exit Border Inspection General Station, Comrade Cai Xiaodong, was on the front line of the border. In the process of arresting drug dealers, he fought desperately with gun-armed drug dealers and was seriously injured. After rescue, he died heroically. He was only 38 years old.

  Cai Xiaodong, male, Hani nationality, from Pu'er River City, Yunnan, born in May 1983, joined the party in April 2006, joined the work in June 2006, currently serves as deputy captain of the law enforcement investigation team of the Xishuangbanna Border Management Detachment, first-level police chief, and third-level police officer Supervisor rank.

He has been engaged in anti-drug work for a long time, and has won first, second, and third class merits one after another due to outstanding anti-drug performance, won four awards, and was rated as an outstanding police officer and an advanced individual on duty and law enforcement.