China News Service, Yinchuan, December 5 (Reporter Yang Di) "Disabled scavengers donated more than one million yuan in 13 years" and "83-year-old man donated 1.2 million yuan of life savings to students in Guyuan, Ningxia"... News about the donation rushed into hot searches and sparked public debate.

  According to media reports, Hu Mou, a young man suffering from polio, started doing charity work in 2008. He has donated more than one million yuan in 13 years. The donations mainly come from the accumulation of waste picking and selling handicrafts and volunteers to help him. Jin; Chang XX, an 83-year-old citizen of Yinchuan who suffered from polio, donated 1.2 million yuan of his life savings to support students in mountainous areas.

  "Amazing, this is the great love of an ordinary Chinese" "I admire your spirit" "Ordinary people do extraordinary things"...On the Internet, the kind deeds of Hu and Chang moved many people, but Some netizens also expressed concern: In a sense, both donors belong to the “vulnerable groups” who should be funded. Is this “pouring out” donation worth encouraging?

  A reporter from visited Chang Moumou’s home and found that the elderly’s living conditions were rudimentary. The only communication tool was an old phone, and the glasses were broken and he was reluctant to spend money on repairing them; the staff of the Zhongwei Disabled Persons’ Federation in Ningxia told the reporter of , Hu, a scavenger, belongs to the local destitute support staff, and has a monthly subsidy of 562 yuan, and a monthly subsidy of 120 yuan for the disabled.

  “Helping others should be promoted, but first, you must ensure that your own life is not affected.” Yinchuan citizen Ms. Li believes that if the donor is a disadvantaged group, the recipient of the donation should be reminded or careful to accept the gift, and similar gifts can be set up. Thank you by means of, certificate, etc.

  "If you are poor, you will be alone, and if you are good, you will benefit the world." said Tie Yabing, a lawyer at Ningxia Xinzhongyuan Law Firm. , Donors should do what they can according to their specific conditions.

  But Tie Yabing further added that the law does not clearly stipulate under what circumstances donors may not donate, and “whether to donate” and “how much to donate” belong to the personal free choice of the donor.

  Li Yanan, a lawyer from Ningxia New Zhongyuan Law Firm, called on all sectors of society to give more care to the disadvantaged groups and lend a helping hand in times of difficulty.

At the same time, she suggested that relevant groups should set a boundary standard and carefully choose whether to accept donations from donors who have difficulties in life.

  "These two ordinary people living by our side have used their unpretentious actions to demonstrate the great realm of'little people.'" Professor Xie Minghui of the School of Journalism and Communication of Ningxia University said that the society needs to thank and cherish these "shining light" ordinary people. People, I hope they can be treated kindly by the world.