Unexpected benefits of mineral water

The Russian expert in the field of nutrition, Alina Stepanova, said that mineral water can bring multiple benefits to the human body, according to its chemical composition.

And she continued, according to what was reported by “Russia Today”: “According to the chemical composition, mineral water is divided into table water (containing a minimum of salt - up to 1 gram per liter), and therapeutic table water (the concentration of salts in water ranges from 1 to 10 grams). / liter), and purely therapeutic water (concentration of salts more than 10 g / liter).

"Mineral water contains dietary mineral, so it can contain potassium, magnesium, iodine, bromine, silicon, and sodium. Water containing magnesium and sulfur is effective for treating constipation, bile duct diseases, and atherosclerosis," Stepanova noted.

She added, "Almost everyone can drink mineral table water, and it can even be used for cooking. As for therapeutic table water and purely therapeutic mineral water, it is used only for the treatment and prevention of some diseases."

She pointed out that mineral water is divided into several categories, including "chloride", a metabolic stimulant, that helps treat digestive disorders, and others that contain hydrocarbons that help reduce the acidity of gastric juice, and are useful when there are kidney stones, and a third that contains sulfur compounds that help Both when having diabetes and obesity.

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