“This man was 100 comedians all in one,” writes Torsten Sträter on Twitter, “a crazy lucky bag of humor”, the “genius of absurd comedy, unique in the abundance of what he was and could do”.

One would like to agree with the writer and cabaret artist in the short obituary he published on Twitter about Mirco Nontschew.

Nonchev died unexpectedly on Friday, he was only 52 years old.

Michael Hanfeld

responsible editor for features online and "media".

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He became famous in the 1990s as a member of the comedy troupe of the legendary show "RTL Saturday Night".

He swept through these as a hypermotor speed speaker, grimace artist and noisemaker.

Hugo Egon Balder had noticed him.

At the end of the 1980s, Nontschew, born in East Berlin in 1969, was a trained mechanic and performed as a breakdancer and beatboxer.

He took his ability to create background noise with him to “Saturday Night”, the show that RTL now says Nontschew had there with his comedy colleagues Wigald Boning, Olli Dittrich, Tanja Schumann and Stefan Juergens “TV history” written.

An eternal YouTube hit

That is not entirely wrong, after all, it was a nucleus of German television comedy. The “Kentucky is screaming fuck” sketches are an all-time YouTube hit. Mirco Nontschew continued the comedy on Sat.1, with his show "Mircomania", with "Cook Cook - Mirco's Kochstudio" on RTL II, as a participant in "The brazen three", in the cinema in association with Otto Waalkes in the "7 Dwarfs "films or" Siegfried ", and most recently in the current season of the program" LOL - Last One Laughing "on Amazon, which Michael" Bully "Herbig oversees and which will air next spring.

Mirco Nontschew was a spontaneous humorist, a person who was popular with the audience, a team player, not a one-man rampage, highly respected by colleagues, as you can see in the condolences and the title of the show, RTL today at midnight sharp in memory of him in the program: "In Liebe an Mirco Nontschew".

The comedian leaves two daughters.