(The spirit of the times shines on Hong Kong) Hot comments from the Hong Kong media: Mainland athletes' visit to Hong Kong creates a "sports whirlwind" to invigorate the spirit of Lion Rock with the spirit of the Olympics

  China News Service, Hong Kong, December 5th. The delegation of mainland Olympic athletes to Hong Kong ended a three-day visit to Hong Kong on December 5. They not only participated in demonstration performances, but also in-depth exchanges between communities, schools and citizens.

In the past few days, Hong Kong media focused on various activities of the delegation in Hong Kong, and commented that they not only brought joy to the people of Hong Kong, but also invigorated the spirit of Hong Kong Lion Rock with the spirit of the Olympics.

On December 5th, members of the delegation of mainland Olympic athletes to Hong Kong conducted exchanges and interactions with young Hong Kong athletes at the Hong Kong Institute of Sports.

The picture shows the young Hong Kong athletes competing for a group photo with the Olympic athletes.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Zhang Yu

  Hong Kong's "Ta Kung Pao" on the 4th editorial called the delegation "the most worthy of the "star". The article sorted out the wonderful speeches made by mainland athletes in Hong Kong over the past two days, their connections with Hong Kong, and their interesting interactions with the public.

Critics believe that the popularity of Olympic athletes in Hong Kong is not only due to their charm, but also inseparable from the national sentiments and national sentiments behind the Olympics.

  The commentary pointed out that since 2000, Olympic athletes from the Mainland will visit Hong Kong after each Olympic Games, which has become a "special agreement" with Hong Kong citizens.

This visit to Hong Kong is different from the past. With the support of the central government, Hong Kong has achieved a major transition from chaos and governance, governance and prosperity, and has entered a new era of "patriots ruling Hong Kong"; with the support of the central government, Hong Kong has achieved a stage of anti-epidemic Achievements, "customs clearance" with the mainland is in sight.

At this critical moment, the positive energy of Olympic athletes' visit to Hong Kong brought joy to the public and demonstrated the central government's meticulous care for Hong Kong.

  The comment also mentioned that the Olympic athletes' visit to Hong Kong has caused a "sports whirlwind". What Hong Kong needs most now is the fighting spirit of overcoming difficulties and never giving up.

The Olympic spirit continues the Lion Rock spirit and becomes an endless source of spiritual wealth, inspiring Hong Kong people to continue to overcome the epidemic and solve economic and people's livelihood problems, and create a better tomorrow.

On December 4th, members of the mainland Olympic athletes' delegation to Hong Kong participated in the Olympic Games Parade at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium in Hong Kong.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Zhang Yu

  Hong Kong's "Wen Wei Po" published comments on the delegation of mainland Olympic athletes visiting Hong Kong for two consecutive days. The topics were "East Olympics Athletes Bring Joy and Inspiration to Hong Kong People" and "Share the Olympic Spirit to Inspire Hong Kong People to Be Self-improvement".

  The article believes that the national Olympic athletes' visit to Hong Kong again under the epidemic fully demonstrates the country's importance to Hong Kong and care for Hong Kong people. It will further stimulate Hong Kong people's national pride and patriotic enthusiasm, and bring joy and inspiration to Hong Kong.

The country has always supported the development of sports in Hong Kong. All sectors should make good use of the opportunity of Olympic athletes to visit Hong Kong, continue to promote the sports boom in Hong Kong, and give full play to the positive role of sports in cultivating good values ​​of young people and enhancing national identity.

  The article also mentioned that athletes shared their stories of participating in competitive sports with young students in the "Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Mainland Olympic Athletes Meet with the Citizens" event.

The article believes that through the valuable sharing of mainland Olympic athletes, it will help Hong Kong youth to shape the positive values ​​of perseverance, hard work, and patriotism, and enhance the national consciousness and fighting spirit of Hong Kong people.

  In addition, a group of local media have been tracking and reporting on the delegation’s activities in Hong Kong for several days, broadcasting live broadcasts of many demonstration performances and exchange sharing sessions such as the "Olympic Athletes Exhibition". Table tennis players Ma Long and Xu Xin have also been broadcasted in the MTR carriages. Highlights of the "magic circle" and "hurdles" sparring in the demonstration performance.