, Lanzhou, December 5 (Yan Jiao) From stepping on the stage to spreading Dunhuang culture overseas for a thousand years, to jumping out of the theater’s "temple" and going into the streets, teaching children to pose as bergamot, dance flying silk, and even "walk in" In recent years, Dunhuang dances have frequently used various forms to get close to the folks.

  On the 5th, publicity posters of classic Dunhuang dances such as "Silk Road Flower Rain", "Dream of Dunhuang", and "Dunhuang Ceremony" printed with graceful dances and exquisitely shaped flying dancers appeared on key prosperous sections of Lanzhou City, attracting many citizens to stop and admire. "Street Flying".

Lanzhou citizen Wang Wenhua said that the well-developed Internet allows people to come into contact with more and more diverse cultures. Dunhuang dances “smell the smell of wine but also fear that the alleys are deep”. This way of walking to the streets can invisibly deepen ordinary citizens’ understanding of Dunhuang culture. memory.

The picture shows Dunhuang dancers teaching local children Dunhuang dance in the exhibition area of ​​Wuhan Cultural Tourism Expo in Hubei.

(Data map) Photo courtesy of Gansu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

  In addition to appearing on the streets in the form of fixed frames such as posters, not long ago, the "Flying Fairy" was in the exhibition area of ​​Wuhan Cultural Tourism Expo in Hubei, and taught local children how to dance in Dunhuang. Its vigorous and flexible rebound pipa dance and flying flame silk dance. The actions in the game also attracted the citizens present to imitate and learn.

  Kang Lei, a Dunhuang dancer with 16 years of performance experience, has previously performed in Japan, France, Britain, Pakistan and other countries.

In her opinion, in the past, overseas performances were basically performed on stage, with dancers performing and audiences admiring them offstage.

Now that the epidemic is being promoted in the country, Dunhuang dance has been brought down from the stage to get close to the people. “Dunhuang dance is derived from Dunhuang murals, so many people used to think it was very mysterious, but now it is more close contact with everyone.”

  As the pioneering work of Dunhuang dance, "Flower Rain on the Silk Road" has recently undergone "secondary excavation and packaging". It uses wonderful dance performances, immersive stage space, and top visual effects to highly restore historical scenes on the Internet platform. Bilibili (Station B) reproduces the Silk Road thousands of years ago.

The picture shows the promotion poster of Gansu's classic dance drama "Flower Rain on the Silk Road" at Bilibili (Station B).

(Data map) Photo courtesy of Gansu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

  "Flower Rain on the Silk Road" is based on the mural art of the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang, absorbing the strengths of folk songs and dances from all over the world.

Since its inception in 1979, it has performed 3720 performances and has visited more than 40 countries and regions with more than 5 million audiences. It has been called "a milestone in the history of Chinese dance drama."

  The person in charge of the Gansu Performing Arts Group Song and Dance Theater said that the show will re-package the classic Chinese dance dramas through VR and live shooting performances in multiple locations. The best parts will be shown in video and presented through traditional TV and online platforms. Let the shelved dance dramas be more grounded, and the audience tends to be younger.

  Hou Zonghui, director of the Silk Road Research Institute of the Gansu Academy of Social Sciences, said in an interview with reporters from China News Service and China News Network that in the past, the Dunhuang dance represented by "Flower Rain on the Silk Road" was mainly in the form of resident performances. In most cases, The download can only be performed at a specific time and at a fixed location.

Now through cooperation with domestic new media, following trends and trends, expanding communication channels, "online + offline" has shortened the distance between "Silk Road Flower Rain" and the audience, and enhanced the interaction with the audience, especially the Meilun The beautiful stage performance art is sold to a large number of youth groups, and a new group of consumer groups are cultivated, which will greatly help increase the popularity and reputation of "Flower Rain on the Silk Road".

  "Dunhuang dance'close to the people' also has a strong inspiring and guiding effect on the spread of Silk Road culture." Hou Zonghui suggested focusing on the online promotion of Silk Road culture, increasing cooperation with well-known online companies and media platforms, and customizing development. The cultural theme of the Silk Road and the product development and product supply of related scenic spots will occupy the market and enhance the communication effect.

At the same time, strengthen regional cooperation and exchanges, promote the overall marketing of Silk Road culture with the concept of "sharing, co-construction and win-win", unite different resources, develop different models, create a common consumer market, improve product quality, and achieve the effect of sharing beauty and beauty.