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A Covid vaccine every year, for many years. This is the scenario posed by

Albert Bourla

, CEO of


, in an interview with the


. "If we're going to make an assumption based on everything I've seen so far, I'd say annual vaccinations will probably be needed to maintain very robust and very, very high levels of protection," he said.

Without a supposed "conflict of interest",

Albert Bourla's


is not so strange. In fact, as Professor

Fabrizio Pregliasco says,

virologist at the University of Milan and medical director of Irccs Galeazzi in Milan, "it is obvious, because the virus will remain with us and we will probably have to continue to protect ourselves from new variants because they are the peculiarities of this virus."

Why might an annual "reminder" really be necessary? "There was a good protection with two doses, but then a decrease that does not surprise us because having contracted the


in itself does not guarantee protection for life even for the cured, compared to other infectious diseases. If you get measles once, you are sure you will never get it again. On the other hand,


they do not give this certainty because 1% of those cured are reinfected. So it is normal, as with all vaccines, that the strength of the anti-Covid virus is somewhat less than in recovery from the disease, which has a much broader and more complex immune response. That said, protection doesn't rush. The one for severe disease is still quite high, which after two doses is about 95% and becomes 80-85% after six months. "So why not settle for this level of protection?" The problem is that there is this rising wave. It kind of makes us think it's okay to raise the bar and then give that booster dose with a universal strategy. "And in the future?" I think the trend of this


It is like the swell of a stone in a pond, I have repeated it several times: first terrible, then ripples that will continue in time because we will not be able to eradicate the virus with vaccines not even 100% of the total. "What about immunity "It is a theoretical objective, obviously unattainable also because there is this quota of people who lose protection and therefore the disease will become endemic." Why is a vaccine that protects us for a certain number of years unthinkable with Sars-Cov -2? "There is a typical characteristic of this virus, which does not determine a complete and safe answer. In addition, there are variants that elude the immune response. To use a metaphor, you recognize the face of the virus, the face of the villain. So this villain grows a beard,You cut your hair and it is more difficult for you to identify it again. "As new variants continue to emerge, will we be able to find an answer to all of them?" With this virus we will have new specific antiviral therapies that will also help us on that side so that we live with the virus, as we live with the flu virus. And perhaps thanks to this we will continue to vaccinate against the coronavirus, update the vaccination against influenza viruses. "And the children?" There is an excessive fear of the risk of the vaccine, which does not exist. Children now need the vaccine because the Delta variant affects them a lot, since the original did not affect them very much. One in 100 is hospitalized; 1 in 1,000 has multisystem immune syndrome with these forms of myocarditis;240 ended up in intensive care and 25 died. So even for them it is not a fair pathology and thanks to a safe action they can continue going to school, to do social activities and also not infect the family context. "But, will we all have to get vaccinated?" I think there will be a focus on vaccination against


like flu.

It will be available for the most fragile and for the exposed.

And it will end like the flu vaccine: whoever wants to protect themselves will buy the vaccine at the pharmacy. "

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