Study: This type of mask provides high protection against corona

The results of a German study concluded that “FFP2” masks provide very high protection against infection with the Corona virus.

Researchers from the German Max-Planck Institute in Göttingen said that what is important in this is the correct way to wear the muzzle.

And the research team headed by Eberhard Bodenschats wrote in the journal “Proceedings” of the US National Academy of Sciences, that if an infected person meets a healthy person in a closed room at a short distance, the risk of infection even after 20 minutes reaches one in a thousand (1.0 %) provided the correct placement of the "FFP2" or "KN95" muzzle.

The team added that in the event of a bad situation of the “FFP2” muzzle, the risk of infection in the same scenario reaches between 3 and 4%.

The team explained that providing optimal protection requires rotating the muzzle letter from the side of the nose in the form of the Latin letter “w”, so that there is pressure on both sides of the nostrils.

On the other hand, the researchers said that the good position of the surgical masks is sufficient to reduce the risk of infection to a maximum of 10%.

The researchers calculated the risk of infection by combining various factors such as particle size, exhaled physics, different types of masks, and the risk of inhaling coronaviruses.

And the institute quoted Bodenschats as saying in a statement that “the actual probability of infection is definitely reduced in everyday life from ten to a hundred times,” because the air stream that flows at the edges of the muzzle is attenuated.

He added that the scientists wanted to calculate the risk of infection as conservatively as possible, "If the largest amount of the theoretical risk is small under these conditions, we will be on the completely safe side under real conditions."

The researchers said that the result of the meeting of two people who did not wear a muzzle came in return as follows: If a healthy person stood at a distance of three meters in the path of an air current issued by an infected person for a few minutes, the probability of his infection is very high, and Budenschats confirmed: “Our results appear again Wearing a mask in schools and in general is a good idea."

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