Is Emmanuel Macron really a fan of Orelsan?

Two days ago,


revealed that the head of state had visibly appreciated

The smell of gasoline

, the first single from the rapper's new album.

“It’s well seen.

It is still someone who portrays society as a sociologist ”, would have said the President of the Republic after having listened to this title in which the singer criticizes in particular the extremes but also the political power.

Asked about this little phrase in


, Orelsan asked herself a question: "Wouldn't he try to scratch my buzz, a little bit?"

Causing laughter around the table.


The smell of gasoline

, Orelsan expresses in particular that "if the President wins half of the votes, it is because two thirds of France did not want it" or that "all our leaders have failed, they will be destroyed by the beast they created.

“On the set of the TMC show, Orelsan is dubious.

“I don't think he listened to the whole album,” he smiles.

"Wouldn't Macron try to scratch my buzz? I think he shouldn't have listened to my whole album" 😏 @ Orel_san in #Quotidien ⬇️

- Daily (@Qofficiel) December 3, 2021

"I even don't think I know anything about politics"

The rapper then goes on to the symbolic scope of the cover of his album, on which he appears in front of a flag hoisted at the top of a building.

“Often, since there is a flag, it feels like I'm presenting a political program, but I see myself more as a painter who expresses feelings,” he explains.

“From the start, we've been trying to get me to say things, to put me in one camp or another.

When we make music, there are often people who will come and try to get you back and it's always a little weird because I don't see myself in a camp.

I even don't think I know anything about politics, ”concludes Orelsan.

Not sure that he is launching an invitation to Emmanuel Macron to come to one of his concerts at the Accor Arena, where he will perform five times as part of his tour next March.


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