Laurent Mariotte SEASON 2021 - 202212h37, December 04, 2021

Every Saturday at the Table des bons vivants, Laurent Mariotte, his columnists and his guests give us their best recipes.

Our guest:

Author and director

Riad Sattouf

for The young actor 1 - The adventures of Vincent Lacoste in the cinema 

published by Les livres du Futur 20roman% 20graphique% 20de, had% 20jamais% 20imagin% C3% A9% 20% C3% Atre% 20actor.

The tastes of the week

Laurent Mariotte: a pie with dried morels 

Ophélie Neiman: the snails 

Olivier Poels: an old rosé, associated with a saffron risotto 

Riad Sattouf: a vinaigrette with honey  

Around artisans  

The market of the week: Place de Bordeaux in Strasbourg

How to choose your Mont d'Or? 

The only farmer producer: Henri Mamet 

2 beautiful artisan addresses: the Michelin cheese dairy / the Mont d'or Sancey-Richard cheese dairy in Métabief

La Laiterie de Paris recommends baking a cake in the Mont d'Or box

Our file of the week 

Are traditions always right? 

with Arthur Le Caisne, author of: “In the kitchen, all truths are good to say”, published by Marabout. 

The selection of Living Bonds 

  • Ophélie Neiman introduces us to Syrian wine 

> Bargylus, € 25 for white, € 35 for red in France. 

  • Olivier Poels helps us choose the corkscrew 

The dish of the day 

  • La Chowder: a shell soup made by Thomas Graham from the restaurant Le Mermoz