On the afternoon of December 3, a high-profile delegation of Olympic athletes from the Mainland arrived in Hong Kong at the invitation of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government.

On the same day, Yang Ning, the head of the delegation, said that Hong Kong athletes made a record of one gold, two silvers and three bronzes in the Tokyo Olympics.

Fencer Zhang Jialang won the first gold medal for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region since its return to the motherland, demonstrating the age of Hong Kong athletes and the spirited spirit of Hong Kong youth.

In the table tennis arena, when our mainland players and Hong Kong players participated in the flag-raising ceremony at the same time, one gold medal and one bronze medal were taken together. It was a good image and inspiration for Chinese youth to unite and forge ahead.

Today I have the latest news that I just received to tell you that our Hong Kong athlete Sui Xin won the qualification for the Beijing Winter Olympics in the short track speed skating World Cup just ended yesterday in the men’s 500m race in the Netherlands. This is also the first qualification for the Beijing Winter Olympics that Hong Kong has obtained. I think this is also a gift our delegation gave to Hong Kong when it came to Hong Kong.

(Reporter Fan Siyi, Luo Siyu, and Liangyuan produced Xu Miaoqiao)

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】