While George Clooney has recovered well from his 2018 motorcycle accident on a physical level, the incident has made him think a lot about his celebrity status.

The actor was driving in a town in Sardinia where he was spinning


when he got over the handlebars of his scooter.

And as he waited for help to arrive, the pain was such that he was sure his last hour had come.

Yet, most of the people around him had found nothing better to do than pull out their phones to film and take a picture of him.

“You're on the ground thinking it's the last minute of your life and for some people it's just entertainment for their Facebook page.

I'm a pretty positive guy, but this story made me realize that, clearly, I'm just here to entertain the gallery, ”lamented the star in an interview with The

Sunday Times


60 candles

After the accident, Amal Clooney made her husband promise never to get on a motorcycle again, which he accepted without complaint.

The opportunity also for the actor to approach the difficult stage of the 60 years which he has just crossed.

“I said to Amal, let's knock on wood, I'm healthy.

I still play basketball with the younger gang.

I feel good.

But in 20 years, I'll be 80, and 80 is serious.

I said, the next 20 years we are happy and we have to celebrate that, we have to focus on the work that we do and be what we have to be, what we feel in our heart ”, continued George Clooney .


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