Festive "winter" outfits, exclusive delicacies, limited items... Universal Beijing Resort opens "winter holiday"

Winter tour blockbuster world experience novel ways to play

  News from our newspaper (Reporter Zhao Tingting) Yesterday, Beijing Universal Resort's first seasonal theme event-"Winter Holiday" experience officially opened.

From now until January 8, 2022, Beijing Universal Studios Theme Park will launch 80 winter holiday-themed catering and hundreds of winter-limited fashion products.

  In the first winter after the park opened, the newly-decorated Beijing Universal Resort was permeated with a joyous atmosphere of winter festivals, lighting up the hearts of every tourist who stepped into the film world.

Stepping into the Hollywood theme scenic spot, a theme tree inspired by bamboo comes into view.

Under the tree, new winter movie characters such as Kung Fu Panda appear in turn, welcoming tourists with their most iconic moves.

Sometimes clenched fists to tourists, sometimes posing in the shape of a white crane with bright wings, sometimes transformed into a funny Po... Kung Fu panda has become the hottest star at the entrance of the park, attracting countless passing tourists queuing up to take photos.

  Strolling on the star-studded Hollywood Boulevard, a strong festive atmosphere blows across your face.

The shops with the architectural style of Hollywood's golden age are refurbished with exquisite holiday wreaths.

Inadvertently, tourists can also encounter the popular movie "stars" that are highly sought after here.

What is different from the previous ones is that these stars have put on bright holiday "winter" costumes at this moment, and greet the arrival of winter holidays together with tourists.

Shining lights, full of festive music...Langong Lake, the landscape decorated with nearly 100,000 colorful festive ornaments makes the holiday atmosphere in the big world full of festivals, and it has become an unmissable photo card in the winter travel world. land.

  A reporter from Beijing Youth Daily learned that during the winter holiday theme activities, visitors can always find mulled wine, hot chocolate with themed decorations, candy gingerbread and other authentic winter holiday snacks and drinks in the dining carts and food kiosks in the park. The exclusive delicacy.

At the same time, Beijing Global City Avenue also opened the "Colorful Night" event, visitors can play new tricks on winter nights in a strong festive atmosphere, and taste the winter festival-themed limited menu at restaurants along the route.

  During the winter holiday theme event, Beijing Universal Resort will launch hundreds of limited products based on the diverse inspirations of the large world and winter features.

Among them, the cute little yellow man will be transformed into a cool ice and snow player, bringing energetic sports peripheral products.

In addition, Beijing Universal Studios recently launched designated 1.5-day tickets and ticket gift vouchers to facilitate tourists to enter the park flexibly and feel the winter atmosphere.

  According to the relevant person in charge of Universal Beijing Resort, in order to increase the comfort of tourists in the winter, about 2/3 of the amusement facilities and venues of Universal Beijing Resort were built indoors or in a covered space at the beginning of the design. .

Recently, some outdoor queuing areas of Beijing Universal Resort are also equipped with heating equipment, and some indoor drinking fountains and park restaurants also provide tourists with warm water.

Some outdoor entertainment and performances will be adjusted indoors according to the weather and temperature conditions, and some riding and entertainment facilities will also adjust their operating hours according to the temperature and weather conditions.

  Photographer/Reporter Hao Yi