China News Service, Hong Kong, December 4th. December 4th is China's eighth National Constitution Day.

The Director of the Security Bureau (Security Bureau) of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, Tang Bingqiang, published an article on the Security Bureau website that day, saying that he should correctly understand the national constitution and strengthen national identity.

  Deng Bingqiang wrote in the article: Tracing back to the source, the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the Basic Law, the policy of "One Country, Two Systems" and the Hong Kong National Security Law were formulated in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Constitution.

Therefore, the Constitution is the root and source of the Hong Kong system, and the Constitution and the Basic Law together constitute the constitutional basis of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

  The article stated that since Hong Kong's return to the motherland, the country has always been the strongest and solid backing for Hong Kong, and the development of Hong Kong is also inseparable from the country.

The country’s firm support and the constitution as the root of Hong Kong’s implementation of "one country, two systems" are the best guarantee for maintaining Hong Kong’s long-term prosperity and stability.

Hong Kong is an inseparable part of China. As a Chinese, it is necessary to fully understand and respect the Constitution.

Only by defending the spirit of the Constitution and observing the principles of the rule of law can Hong Kong effectively implement "one country, two systems", "Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong" and a high degree of autonomy, and continue to give full play to Hong Kong's unique advantages.

It is hoped that the public can actively understand the constitution, increase their understanding of the constitutional order, establish a national concept and strengthen national identity, and train young people to become citizens with a national concept, a sense of Hong Kong, a world vision, and a commitment to society and abiding by the law. .

  Deng Bingqiang continued: Patriotism is a sacred obligation of Chinese citizens under the Constitution. Only under the rule of patriots can Hong Kong have long-term stability and development.

December 19 was the first general election of the Legislative Council to be held after the implementation of the "patriots ruling Hong Kong" and the improvement of the electoral system. All eligible voters are called on to vote actively, fulfill their due civic responsibilities, and elect capable and ambitious candidates for Hong Kong. The patriot of the People’s Republic of China speaks for the citizens and promotes the realization of good governance and good governance in Hong Kong.

  It is reported that in order to coincide with the National Constitution Day, the six disciplinary forces under the Security Bureau held a flag-raising ceremony at 8 am on the 4th to show their patriotism and enhance their sense of belonging to the country. Heads of relevant departments attended the ceremony.