Taiwan facing regional diplomacy: a stopover in Asia for Correspondents' Round the World

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The Taiwanese Parliament.

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Faced with American diplomatic maneuvers around Taiwan, the discourse of the People's Republic of China has hardened. Beijing does not let anything go about the Archipelago, which it considers its territory. The key is the threat of reprisals. This week, the Japanese ambassador to China paid the price. Japan which shows its support for the nationalist island. On the spot in Taiwan, we are doing everything to prevent China from attempting a coup. The Taiwanese government assures us that it wishes to defend itself alone, but at the same time seeks the support of regional powers. Stuck between the American military ally and its main Chinese economic partner, South Korea, for its part, is playing the balancing act.What are the diplomatic issues at stake around Taiwan? Lights in this overview of our correspondents in the region.

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