It was a nice day.

The morning of tomorrow (the 5th) will still be sub-zero, but the temperature will gradually rise from the daytime and the cold will gradually subside.

Next week, the daytime temperature in Seoul will rise to around 10 degrees, so it will be quite cozy for winter weather.

The air quality will be fine until tomorrow, but from the night after the next day, there is news of fine dust inflow, so you should keep that in mind.

There will be fog tomorrow morning in Chungcheong and southern inland, but this fog can cause thin ice on the road, so you need to pay attention to traffic safety.

On the east coast, the atmosphere is still dry.

Please manage the fire thoroughly.

There will be a big day-to-day temperature difference tomorrow as well.

The morning temperature in Seoul will rise to -2 degrees below zero, and the daytime temperature will rise to 8 degrees.

Next Monday night, it will rain in the metropolitan area and Chungnam, and on Tuesday it will rain on the east coast.

(Meteorological Caster Nam Yu-jin)