[Explanation] The three-day 17th Cross-Strait Book Fair will continue to be held in Xiamen on December 3rd. 335 publishing units from both sides of the strait will participate in the exhibition with new books, bestsellers and fine books.

  [Explanation] During the trade fair, the prototype of agricultural technology expert Ling Yinong and the pioneer of Juncao technology, Lin Zhanxi, brought the recently published "Juncao Technology" and other books to attract attention.

In 1983, Lin Zhanxi visited Changting County, Fujian Province. The local people hoped to rely on mushroom cultivation to get rid of poverty and become rich. However, cutting trees to plant mushrooms caused ecological deterioration and aggravated poverty.

After returning to Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Lin Zhanxi concentrated on finding alternatives for forest tree cultivation. After more than 1,000 days and nights, Lin Zhanxi successfully invented Juncao technology in 1986.

  [Concurrent] Lin Zhanxi, Chief Scientist, National Juncao Engineering Technology Research Center

  At the beginning, we just hoped to cultivate edible fungi with grass instead of wood, and find a way for the people in the poor areas of the old and the young to get rid of poverty. This is the earliest time. Using weeds, wild herbs, and cultivating edible fungi, the words continued to expand later.

  【Explanation】Professor Lin Zhanxi introduced to reporters his first book "Mao Fungus" published 34 years ago, after which he successively published 11 books related to Juncao technology.

Since 1986, Juncao technology has been promoted to 506 counties in 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) of the mainland, helping tens of millions of farmers get rid of poverty and becoming rich. The technology is known as "Happy Cao" and has spread to 106 Countries.

  [Concurrent] Lin Zhanxi, Chief Scientist, National Juncao Engineering Technology Research Center

  After more than 30 years and nearly 40 years of continuous innovation, it has expanded from the cultivation of edible fungi with grass instead of wood to the ecological management of Juncao, to Juncao feed, Juncao fungus feed, Juncao organic fertilizer, and industrial development. The integration of Juncao grass board is the production of board to produce pulp and biogas, which has become a new scientific field and a new industrial development field.

  [Explanation] At the fair, Lin Zhanxi also witnessed the signing ceremony for the authorization of the traditional Chinese version of "Juncao Technology and Ecological Governance". Representatives from Fujian Science and Technology Press and Taiwan Confederate Cultural Enterprise Co., Ltd. came to the stage and signed the book’s traditional Chinese copyright publication. Letter of Intent.

  [Concurrent] Lin Zhanxi, Chief Scientist, National Juncao Engineering Technology Research Center

  In 2000 (I) led a delegation to Taiwan and jointly held a Juncao technology seminar at Chung Hsing University. Then my team visited some areas in Taiwan several times. In addition, Taiwan needs to develop this new Juncao industry. , It has a positive effect on Taiwan's ecological management and the development of Taiwan's fungus industry.

  【Explanation】Since its establishment in 2005, the Cross-Strait Book Fair has established an important platform for cross-strait book exhibitions, copyright trade, information exchanges and industrial cooperation. It has concluded more than 3,600 copyright trade and cooperation projects, and realized book sales and purchases of 570 million. Yuan Renminbi.

  Reporter Li Siyuan reports from Xiamen, Fujian

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】