The Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich (LMU) has released an employee of the Pathological Institute of the Medical Faculty from duty.

The young woman had posted a video of about four and a half minutes on social media in which she was angry, sometimes in rough language, about the corona policy in Germany.

In her work gear, but without a mask, she moves, as she herself says, in the “section room”.

Timo Frasch

Political correspondent in Munich.

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Her accusation, which she repeatedly taps on the head during the presentation, goes in several directions. For one, it seems that the pandemic is not as bad as the government is conjuring up. “I have 22 bodies. Three of them, three of them with Corona. The boxes are overfull, I still have two cold rooms with corpses inside. Three have Corona. "She is obviously also critical of the working conditions of their peers:" We are not in a state of emergency in Germany because of the Corona virus, but because of a shortage of skilled workers! "She also seems to be an opponent of vaccinations:" Do we want to help the sick or want to now we just force everyone to get vaccinated? And then best of all with every four months or what or every six months, I don't give a shit where you stimulate blood clotting with 'A vaccine, they're completely insane - insane. (sic) "

In particular, she is upset about an alleged "special regulation for universities and clinics", according to which "the unvaccinated employees have to prove a PCR test, and they have to pay for it themselves because you accept that they will quit". You have just found out at work that "the Ministry" had decided all of this. She herself is not affected by it, “but my colleagues, and nobody opens the mouth. I am so angry. Nobody can tell me that this has something to do with the fact that we want to protect whom. It's just a pressure, a compulsion, a hatred of the people, a discrimination ”.

In response to a request from the Bavarian Ministry of Health, however, it said that there is currently no federal or state regulation "which provides for a PCR test obligation for hospital employees and the associated costs to be borne by the employees". No such thing is planned on the part of the Free State. Does the university ask more of its employees as part of its own hygiene concept? The university did not find out until Thursday afternoon. The young woman, who says she is in the process of “starting a movement” under the name “Paragraph 32” (that is the self-defense clause of the criminal code), is to be dismissed without notice according to the will of the university. The university was initially unable to answer the legal basis on which this should take place.As a precaution, she not only distanced herself "as sharply as possible" from the content of the video, but also pointed out that "the shooting and posting of video material on the LMU premises for private purposes and without permission is not permitted".