• “Since September 2020, the CNIL has asked the government four times to provide concrete proof of the effectiveness of the health pass.

    These four requests went unanswered!

    », Protested François Asselineau, this Tuesday.

  • The president of the UPR is not the only politician to denounce the supposed lack of transparency of the government vis-à-vis the effectiveness of the health pass in its fight against the Covid-19 epidemic.

  • If the CNIL has indeed issued an opinion deploring the lack of information from the government that would allow it to gauge the relevance of the various tools it has put in place, its previous opinions on the subject were not related to the health pass. .

Despite their political differences, Florian Philippot, François Asselineau and Jean-Luc Mélenchon have come to an agreement in recent days on the same point: the supposed failure of the government vis-à-vis a request from the National Commission of IT and freedoms (Cnil).

The three men have in fact relayed, each in their own way, the latest opinion of the administrative authority relating to the various health monitoring procedures for the Covid-19 epidemic put in place by the government.


Since [September 2020], the CNIL has asked the government four times to provide concrete proof of the effectiveness of the health pass.

These four requests went unanswered!

“, Thus offended François Asselineau on Twitter.

- It's been 4 times that the CNIL has asked the government for proof of the effectiveness of the #PassSanitaire

- Parliamentarians do not have the information required by law

➡️ And so?

Does that annul the law?

No, the power does not care!

France is dying from the absence of checks and balances!

- Florian Philippot (@f_philippot) November 30, 2021

And if Florian Philippot protested at length about this lack of transparency, Jean-Luc Mélenchon opted for a concise approach, relating only to the last opinion of the administrative authority: "The Cnil requires Macron to prove the effectiveness of the health pass and the registration of the French.

Easy, right?

Otherwise… "


In its "fourth opinion addressed to Parliament on the conditions for implementing the measures against [the] Covid-19", published on its site on November 30, the Cnil looks back on the potential shortcomings of the various tools deployed in recent months: SI-DEP file, Contact Covid file, TousAntiCovid app… but also the health pass.

It is these various controls - and not only that of the sanitary pass - which led him to insist, in this opinion, "on the need that the elements which make it possible to assess the effectiveness of the aforementioned treatments be quickly transmitted to him, in order to to continue the exercise of its mission.


And the independent authority to add at the same time the famous sentence taken up since in the public debate: “Indeed, in spite of several requests, such an evaluation has, to date, not been transmitted to the Cnil.

In this regard, it wishes to stress that the use of the aforementioned devices remains conditional on guarantees relating to their effectiveness.


A sentence "which does not only refer to the health pass"

Joined by

20 Minutes

, the CNIL confirms that this sentence "does not only refer to the health pass but to all the measures implemented within the framework of the management of the health crisis".

It also tells us what type of information it deems useful for evaluating the effectiveness of these tools, including an “analysis grid […] established with regard to health efficiency indicators”: “Parliament has […] ] integrated, in the law of May 11, 2020 modified in November 2020, the fact that the quarterly report of the Government addressed to the Parliament on the application of these measures must include "activity indicators, performance and quantified results adapted to the priorities deductions "".

“In its second opinion, the CNIL considered, on the TousAntiCovid application more particularly, that the application's metrics relating to its effectiveness (number of users declared positive as well as those notified via the application) could be compared with those of the “Contact Covid” and “SI-DEP” information systems in order to assess the usefulness of the device on the overall health strategy, ”she continues.

Three first opinions unrelated to the health pass

In addition, if the Cnil has to date delivered four opinions relating to the "conditions for the implementation of measures against [the] Covid-19", the first three (respectively published in September 2020, in January 2021 and in June 2021 ) did not concern the health pass, which was only rolled out in the summer of 2021.

“The first opinion […] on the health pass does not date back to September 2020 […] but to May 2021. The CNIL has issued four opinions to date on the health pass in particular: May 12, June 7 , August 6 and September 9, ”says the independent authority.

The CNIL underlines that it “has repeatedly recalled the need to assess the health efficiency of the measures implemented within the framework of the management of the health crisis, in particular […] in almost all the opinions relating to the health pass (May 12, June 7, August 6).


The government says it is ready to "formalize" "concrete evidence" at the Cnil

At the end of the Council of Ministers of December 1, Gabriel Attal, spokesperson for the government, for his part considered that the latter had the “concrete evidence” hoped for by the Cnil: “The very strong increase in vaccination coverage following the establishment of the pass is a demonstration of the effectiveness of the health pass ”.

“A number of studies, such as Comcor, have shown over the observation period - until last October - that we observe reductions in contamination, or at least no increased risk of contamination in the places subject to to the health pass ", he continued, going so far as to say:" If all this must be formalized in a document sent to the CNIL, I have no doubt that my colleagues in the government will do so. .



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