“Dancing was a way for me to recover from these traumas and revisit them one by one.

»Maïmouna Coulibaly is a choreographer, creator of Booty Therapy, a dance where the pelvis and buttocks are used a lot.

Her approach is political: “For me, it's super important that we can put a woman's body back in the public space.

"On a daily basis, in her dance lessons, she sees a certain liberation in the dancers:" I saw the change in their faces and I said to myself: but that's too good!

We must continue!


For Maïmouna, dancing is a way of surviving her traumas: "I suffered a lot of violence, and a lot was in my flesh, such as excision, rape, beatings, and even when it was not in my life. my flesh, psychological violence.

All these traumas, I went to store them at the level of my pelvis.

»Maïmouna Coulibaly tells about Booty Therapy and its benefits in the video of our partner Brut.

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